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2017 China LED chip and packaging industry focus on six trends

Jul 03, 2017

China LED chip and packaging industry market report shows that 2016 China LED packaging market size of 58.9 billion yuan, up 6% year on year, slightly higher than expected. 2016 LED prices remain stable, and some product prices have even increased, in the small pitch, automotive and lighting market, driven by the industry is still maintained growth. Outlook 2020, China LED packaging market size of 73 billion yuan.

According to China's chip and packaging industry market development, finishing the following six trends.


Trend 1: Chinese manufacturers continue to rise, domestic rate continued to improve

LEDinside data show that China's LED packaging market in 2016, domestic rate has risen to 67%. However, Nissan, led by the international manufacturers are still the main supplier of China's packaging market, the top ten manufacturers, the international manufacturers occupy five seats, Nichia Chemical topped the list but the rise of Chinese manufacturers significantly on behalf of the rapid development of manufacturers Wood Linsen, 2016 beyond the Lumileds ranked second, the National Star photoelectric, Hongli Zhihui ranking further.


Trend II: China LED lighting market stability and development 

2016 China LED lighting market size of 25.9 billion yuan, lower than market expectations, mainly due to the international LED lighting demand growth is not obvious, leading to China's total decline in LED lighting exports. However, due to the promotion of China's domestic demand and the stability of the price, 2016 LED lighting market size is still 9% growth is expected in 2017 lighting LED market size will reach 28 billion yuan in 2020 will reach 36.4 billion yuan, 2015-2020 Compound growth rate of 9%.


Trend III: International manufacturers release lighting OEM orders 

As the low-power LED swept LED lighting market, so more and more international brands, including Lumileds, OSRAM, CREE, Samsung, LG Innotek and other OEM orders will gradually focus on China, making China's first-tier manufacturers capacity utilization Rate to maintain high-end. The top five Chinese lighting LED manufacturers followed by wood Linsen, Hongli photoelectric, electricity photoelectric, Ruifeng photoelectric, trillion Chi energy.


Trend four: small spacing display drive capacity expansion of the plant demand

LEDinside analysis due to the rise of small-pitch display, making the display LED is still growing, is expected to display LED market size in 2020 will reach 15.8 billion yuan. Small pitch display LED packaging field, early to billion light-based, many Chinese manufacturers have entered the field, including the country Star photoelectric, wood Linsen and crystal photoelectric, etc., but also drive the plant capacity expansion needs.


At the same time, four yuan LED production capacity and therefore enhance, according to LEDinside analysis and statistics, San An Optoelectronics, Wuhan Huacan, dry photoelectric and crystal photoelectric in 2017 are four yuan LED capacity expansion needs.


Trend 5: China's domestic MOCVD gradually rise, will drive the Chinese manufacturers to further reduce the cost

According to LEDinside data show, 2016 MOCVD machine shipments total of about 136 units. Veeco machine most of the EPIK700, cavity larger, so if the unified conversion into K465i machine, after the conversion of the number of equipment ranked first. China's MOCVD equipment manufacturers, including AMEC, Topecsh and other companies gradually rise, although the market share of 2016 total only 11%. But after 2016 in the client verification, 2017 will begin to enter the Chinese LED chip manufacturers supply chain.


MOCVD equipment in the past in Europe and the United States enterprises, but with the Chinese-made MOCVD equipment through the Chinese LED chip manufacturers to verify, will be introduced in 2017 part of the LED chip manufacturers. As the equipment prices are cheaper, it is expected to further into the low cost.


Trend 6: filament bulb and filament LED market demand for rapid expansion 

The past two years, due to LED filament lamp in Europe, North America, Australia market is popular, more and more manufacturers into the field of filament, the market size also showed rapid growth. 2016 global LED filament bulb market demand for 150 million, is expected in 2018 LED filament lamp will continue to maintain rapid growth, the global market demand is expected to reach 600 million. In order to supply the packaging products, the main filament LED suppliers include source Lei technology, wood Lin Sen, Ruifeng photoelectric and Hangzhou Branch photoelectric and so on.

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