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2017 China's Intelligent Lighting Industry Development Summit Forum

Jun 16, 2017

June 10, by the 2017 China Intelligent Lighting Industry Development Summit Forum "in Guangzhou Langham Hotel successfully held!" The meeting was designed to address the pain points of the smart lighting industry, the realization of the real human intelligent lighting, let the industry scale development, help enterprises continue to upgrade, host Infante invited to intelligent lighting, smart home and intelligent building and many other related fields of senior experts and scholars, on the current industry and outside the most concerned about some of the focus of the issue of detailed analysis and trend prediction.

Lively atmosphere of the meeting, a large number of spectators give up holiday rest, after the long ride to the horse Lawton, after the meeting expressed a worthwhile trip.

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In the past 2016 years and the first half of 2017 's development, the penetration rate of intelligent lighting has been greatly improved, but it has not reached the expectations of the industry. With the advent of the Internet of things and the era of large data, intelligent lighting applications have proliferated. In the era of IoT, how to make the intelligent lighting use the East wind of things, realize the qualitative change of industry and further upgrade, become the focus of general attention in the lighting industry. Under the auspices of Professor Venchang of South China University of Technology, from Jinan University, South China Polytechnic University, Enocean Alliance, Osram optoelectronic Semiconductor Solid State Lighting Division, Shanghai Qing Ke Information Technology Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Euchips Intelligent Lighting Field senior experts and famous enterprise executives each dedicated a wonderful speech, the industry difficult points and hot technology applications were analyzed and shared. In the last round-table forum, the guests will discuss the hot topic in the industry development and provide a new direction for the industry upgrading and enterprise development.

"With reasonable cost to provide high-quality lighting is the ultimate goal of LED lighting technology." "Chen Changli, professor of Jinan University, said in a keynote speech entitled" Environmental identification and optical quality closed-loop control of intelligent lighting systems ".

So what kind of lighting is the high quality of lighting? According to Professor Chen, high quality light (illuminance, color temperature, etc.) is the basic factor of high quality lighting. He explained that with the LED working temperature of the height, its light efficiency and working life will be reduced, while the color temperature will also drift. The color temperature is accurate is the high quality LED illumination product symbol, the color temperature stability is also the high quality led illumination product difficult point.

Prof. Chen further analyzed the mechanism of white LED color temperature drift and the harm of the light quality. "The identification and correction of target environment color temperature is one of the main tasks of intelligent illumination system." Professor Chen Changli analyzed the working principle of the LED intelligent lighting system with the color temperature measurement and control ability and the theoretical basis of each sub-module design. His knowledgeable and professional knowledge made the audience praised.

What is real smart lighting? Osram Optoelectronic Semiconductor Solid State lighting China Senior application technology manager Dr. Chen Wencheng in the "LED intelligent lighting prospects and solutions" theme speech to Intelligent office lighting, Intelligent Street lamps, intelligent light bulb For example, the LED for intelligent lighting, but the core of lighting is to people-oriented.

Subsequently, Dr. Chen Wencheng introduced the intelligent lighting and interconnection lighting control market prospects and trends, he particularly analyzed the domestic interconnection lighting market development trends and the entire industry chain of the main enterprises. The market for smart lighting is unprecedented, he said, but the challenge is unprecedented. Dr Chan said that the interoperability of different product lines, as well as the privacy and security of the system, have become the problems that the intelligent lighting industry needs to solve at this stage.

Dr. Chen also focused on the application of intelligent control + color led in plant lighting and health lighting. By analyzing the three dimensions of the effects of light on plants and the different spectral spectra required for different stages of plant growth, it embodies the application foreground of intelligent illumination in the field of plant illumination. In addition, Dr. Chen also focuses on the impact of light on people: visual + biological clock + emotion, which reflects the importance of human health due to lighting.

Finally, Dr. Chen Wencheng introduced Osram in the field of intelligent lighting layout and solutions, he said, led intelligent interconnection lighting is Osram's overall strategic direction.

With the rapid development of the intelligent lighting industry and the Internet of things, more and more devices are connected to the Internet, and how to effectively supply power to the Internet has become a major problem in the industry.

In a keynote speech titled "The Application of the Enocean Energy Collection wireless standard in intelligent lighting control", Enocean president Graham Martin shared the development trend of automation buildings and intelligent lighting control markets, as well as the drawbacks of the current mode of grid-connected equipment. "It's the best way to use energy to capture sensors. "The use of Enocean Alliance LED wireless lighting control products, so that the energy saving has been greatly improved," said Graham Martin. ”

Intelligent lighting is now the most hot, participating in the most business segments, from home lighting to urban lighting, from indoor to outdoor, intelligent lighting is everywhere. However, what will happen when the fastest-moving visible-light communication technology is applied to the most popular intelligent lighting system?

Professor Venchang of South China University of Technology in the keynote speech titled "Application of VLC in LED intelligent illumination", the prospect of the application of VLC in intelligent lighting system is prospected. Prof. Venchang from indoor broadband Internet access, the use of visual photoelectric location information to provide merchandise information, the use of visible light communication to send the ID as positioning information services, intelligent traffic, mining security information and positioning system, secure communication applications, the prospects of visible light communication applications.

"The current intelligent lighting can control the lighting color, remote control timing, etc., can change people's way of life." Intelligent lighting can be connected from equipment to machine intelligence, including cloud services, sensors, connectivity, computing and cooperation, and so on, can achieve a variety of clothing, food, housing, line and other intelligent voice services. "Shanghai Qingqing Information Technology Co., Ltd. Hua nan South manager King in the" smart lighting from 1 to n-Smart lighting One-stop solution, "said the keynote speech.

She said that smart lighting needs a solution to help lighting enterprises to quickly realize intelligent, reduce the threshold of intelligent lighting enterprises, reduce lighting enterprise research and development investment. Then, King and introduces a turnkey solution that can reduce the threshold.

"Dimming technology is the basic element of intelligent lighting, the fundamental purpose of intelligent lighting is to create a comfortable, convenient and energy-saving lighting environment." "In the keynote speech titled" High Performance Dimming power and intelligent lighting ", Cheng, director of marketing at Shanghai Euchips Industry Co., Ltd.

Through the 315 evening party to the LED lamp frequency flash problem tracking, in fact, now most of the dimming power supply is generally high ripple current and trigger the problem of stroboscopic, it is time to pay attention. Cheng the shortcomings and solutions of the commonly used analog dimming technology are expounded. He introduced, Euchips focus on the field of intelligent dimming more than 10 years, hope to create a high compatibility, no flashing products, with the main control brand, lighting brand together to create energy-saving and comfortable light environment efforts.

At the end of the roundtable session Jinan University Professor Chen Changli, South China Polytechnic University Professor Venchang, Enocean Alliance chairman and chief executive Graham Martin, Shanghai Qingqing Information Technology Co., Ltd. Hua nan South manager King and Shanghai Euchips Industry Co., Ltd. Marketing Director Cheng Five industry big guy around "voice interaction can enhance the convenience of intelligent lighting?" "," intelligent interconnection lighting can solve the intelligent home interconnection, "", "intelligent lighting how to maximize the value of the Internet?" "and" intelligent lighting to help intelligent City building what are the entry points? ". In particular, when talking about voice interaction and the interconnection of intelligent lighting and intelligent home, the guests and the audience in the field of their own ideas on the intense discussion. Through the Round Table forum brilliant brainstorming, believe that the industry's intelligent lighting industry difficult points have a new mentality.

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