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2017 Lighting market trends

Jun 03, 2017

   Global and China COB revenue ranking

   The current global COB market leader is still an international manufacturer, and Chinese manufacturers are also continuing to introduce new products to seize market share. The top five are Citizen, CREE, Lumileds, Nichia, Samsung. Chinese manufacturers ranked in the face of the growth rate of manufacturers under the influence of the speed of expansion, and 2015 ranked slightly different.

Stage lamp application market

In 2017, the global LED stage lamp market size reached 740 million US dollars, an increase of 14%, the next few years slowdown in growth, but still maintain sustained growth. By 2020, the scale is expected to grow to more than $ 1 billion. LED stage lamp current penetration rate of about 39%, by 2020, the penetration rate will reach 50%.

At present, OSRAM, billion light, as well as days and other manufacturers have introduced stage-related products, including monochrome and color mixing, to achieve high brightness and high light efficiency.

The main technical gate of the LED stage lamp includes heat control, light distribution and light quality management. LED stage lights compared to the traditional stage, has its incomparable advantages, such as more energy efficient, more fresh color, long life and easy to use, etc .; also will face higher costs, variety than the single and uneven quality of the challenge .




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