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2017 vehicle lighting market trends

Jun 03, 2017

Forecast of the Scale of Traditional Passenger Cars

China's average power consumption of the LED are slightly lower than the international, and the use of low-power light source LED attitude than the international average to the positive, so the use of the number of stars than the general practice to high.

The use of headlights because of the average number of stars in 2017 in China in 2010, the number of people will continue to decline in 2020, 2021 estimated far and near the output value of 881 million dollars (2015 ~ 2021 CAGR: 48%).

The introduction of the light guide plate in the taillight height, associated with the original market (OE Market) in the use of the number of RCL, the average number of stars in China for 35 LED products.

New energy passenger car market size forecast

Headlights the highest growth rate: for new energy passenger cars, because the brand of vehicles is more concentrated, the sales of the economy is also a high scale, so the new energy vehicles in the LED import opportunities are also the highest.

China's passenger car lighting regulations are the same, so the electric car must also meet the general passenger car lighting regulations, headlights because of low permeability and higher unit price, the output value in 2017 is still 2.3 million dollars , Is all new energy passenger car LED output value of the highest.

Long - term development potential of China 's automobile market

Whether it is passenger cars or commercial vehicles, new energy vehicles are China's focus on the development of vehicles, from the perspective of the demand for LED are also concentrated in the high power headlights and taillights assembly.

The focus of the traditional passenger car, in addition to the headlights, the other LED applications in the establishment of the brand's image-based, such as a very high brand recognition of the daytime lights to enhance the car interior entertainment panels and so on , With China's domestic car supply chain technology is expected to gradually improve, will also allow all types of automotive LED penetration rate of rapid increase.





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