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2017 Vietnam International professional lighting audio and video exhibition

Jun 28, 2017

Basic Information:

Time: 2017/10/25 to 2017/10/27

Venue: Hanoi Cultural Palace Exhibition Center, Vietnam

Sponsor: Beijing Huacheng Exhibition International Exhibition Co., Ltd

Scope of Exhibits:

Stage equipment: stage system, stage effects, stage lighting, stage control and design.

LED display: projector and screen, DLP display, prompt, 3D display, display controller.

Film shooting system: film shooting system, film transmission equipment, digital cinema, movie server, movie editing.broadcasting automation system, wireless master.

Broadcast products: camcorders, 3D cameras, digital SLR cameras, film, tape, server, CD / DVD / BD disk.

Transmission and link equipment: broadband connection, 4G, video on demand (VOD).

Mobile and IPTV: video transmission, mobile broadcasting technology, mobile terminal equipment, mobile applications.

Vietnam has 5.7 million pay-TV subscribers and 90 million people, with an annual economic growth of 7.3 percent, making it a promising venue for television equipment suppliers and service providers over the past 15 years. Vietnam's pay-TV market is expected to grow in one of Vietnam's fastest-growing industries, increasing Vietnam's demand for importers for high-tech projects. The growing demand for consumers has also contributed to the rapid development of radio equipment industry products in the more entrepot trade.

Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City electronic audio-visual products market in two levels. NGUYENKIM is the largest and most high-end electrical chain in Vietnam, I see the store in the LTK street, single store area of 10,000 square meters, specializing in Japan and South Korea high-end home appliances well-known brands, Vietnamese local brands and mainland China The brand can not get into; there is a class of home appliance chain, the scale of 3000-5000 square meters, in addition to Japan and South Korea brand, there are local brands in Vietnam and mainland China brands, such as investment and construction in Vietnam TCL.

LED strip fixtures lamps.jpg

Low-end market is mainly selling electronic information products street shop focused neighborhood, mainly the first county × × Street, there are hundreds of shops, mainly engaged in computer peripherals and supplies; between the fifth county and the tenth county Of the town of Pei spring, about 1.5 kilometers long, there are hundreds of street shops, the main mobile phone and IT products; the largest is located in the tenth county and the eleventh county between the electronic market. The electronic market, is about 300 meters north and south, east and west width of 200 meters on the first floor of a residential area for the transformation of the formation of the electronic market, the market size, with a total area of about 6-7 million square meters, businesses about There are more than 2,000, is Ho Chi Minh City, the largest electronic professional market.

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