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​2018 Industrial lighting Exhibition in Peru

Aug 08, 2018

Exhibition Time: 2018/8/9 to 2018/8/11

Exhibition Venue: Jockey Plaza International Exhibition Center, Lima


Organizer: Jockey Plaza, Lima

Exhibits range:

1, indoor and outdoor lamps, road lamps, photographic lamps, stage lamps and so on;

2, the city landscape lamps, industrial lighting lamps, advertising lighting, emergency, indicating lamps, festive decoration lanterns;

3, green lamps, military lamps, terminals, bridges, tunnel lamps, explosion-proof lamps; 4, accessories and switches, lamps and lanterns control system.

LED, lighting electronics, theatre lighting, intelligent control, display technology, lighting control, etc.

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2018 Peru International Lighting Exhibition

Exhibition Time: August 2018 9-11th

Holding cycle: One year (sixth session)

Exhibition Venue: Jockey Plaza International Exhibition Center, Lima

  Exhibition Introduction: Peru International lighting LED lighting exhibition (LED EXPO PERU) was first successfully held at the Jockey Plaza International Exhibition Center in Lima in 2013. The exhibition is a large-scale and influential lighting professional exhibition in Peru and Latin America, gathered in the world's largest lighting electric, lighting and other industry companies to participate in the exhibition. The Peruvian international illumination LED lighting exhibition is a famous exhibition in the building and lighting industry in Latin America. International buyers registered at the Expo have continued to grow, and their interest in exhibits and services, as well as exhibitors, has grown. The government has done a lot of propaganda for the effect of the exhibition at home and abroad. During the exhibition there are 170, 00 visitors from around the world, including architects, decorators, importers and shopkeepers.

During the year, the exhibition organizers will invite international buyers from major trade centers to come to see the exhibitors ' products.? At the same time, in order to ensure that the Business Roundtable can realize its trade potential, with the support of industry associations, a complete logistics will be established to provide services.


Peru and South America are China's key export areas, but the high quality and low price of China's lighting products in the Southern American market potential is still looking forward to the strength of Chinese enterprises to dig, the exhibition will be for exhibitors to build a bridge to develop the market.

  Peru Market Analysis:

  With the global economic integration, the pace of industrial adjustment in developed countries is further accelerated, the general production of lighting products to the developing countries, and China is a more suitable country: First, China has the conditions to produce these products, the second is the low labor costs, so that China gradually become a major exporter of lighting products.

In the past 10 years, the growing population and wealth of Peru and South American countries and the continued growth of tourism have all contributed to the prosperity of the construction industry and greatly stimulated the demand for lighting products. According to statistics department related people, Peru is in the economic boom, the retail, trade and real estate development led to the demand for lighting, while the Peruvian capital and other areas of the population growth has led to the development of lighting equipment industry. Peru LED lighting Products 30% imported from China, nearly 40% of the product for the ceiling lamp. Peru imported LED lighting products 33% from China, followed by the United States, Colombia and Panama. The first three places that Peru imports from China are, in turn, day lanterns, projection lights and LED lights.