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A trend of the three major trends in the three major breakthroughs

May 09, 2017

LED lighting industry as a trend of the two major trends in the three major breakthroughs.

An era

2017 will open a new era of LED lighting. If the incandescent light illuminates the twentieth century, then the LED will illuminate the 21st century. October 2014, Akasaki Yuta, Amano Hiroshi and Nakamura repair two or three scientists invented the "high brightness blue light-emitting diode" won the Nobel Prize in Physics, in the concept of energy saving and environmental protection, LED lighting development prospects are bright and beautiful.

From the current point of view, LED penetration rate of rapid increase, but the traditional lamps and lanterns in the terminal application and the proportion of manufacturing is still large, enterprises in product development and management is still with a very obvious and profound traditional lighting brand, And these, will be greatly improved in 2015, and create a new era.

Two major trends

1, the world economy is gradually from the low growth in the recovery, the Internet, 3D printing and other new technologies, new applications for the world has brought new economic growth point, which is still outstanding performance in the United States. According to statistics, 2014 US GDP growth of 2.6%, is expected to reach 3.3% in 2015. The following are the same as the ones,

2, China's economy from high-speed growth into high-speed growth, GDP growth rate from the original double-digit into today's about 7%. Although the GDP growth slowed, but compared with other developed countries, still maintain a high level, and in the railway, urbanization, the country will continue to invest trillions of funds for development. Therefore, the overall economic situation is neither imagined so good, nor imagined so pessimistic.

Three directions

1, semiconductor technology continues to improve, in the substrate, silicon substrate, gallium nitride, sapphire three materials coexist; in the chip, the chip is installed, flip chip both, but the flip chip will become more popular ; In the packaging, CSP and other chip-level packaging technology quietly rising, and these technological changes, will be more perfect to play the characteristics of LED.

2, to LED light source as the center, "1 + N" form will appear. LED is no longer just a light, it will become a platform that can be used for optical communication, you can also connect the camera, solar, display and other equipment, and when the LED link everything, will also bring higher attach value. The following are the same as the ones,

3, Matthew effect will be further revealed, the stronger the stronger, the weak the weak. However, with the mobile phone, home appliances, IT and other industries, the lighting industry because of its products, industry characteristics, small businesses will still exist in the space. The following are the same as the ones,

Four breakthroughs

In 2015, we need to break through the following four aspects:

1, width, that is, a breakthrough on the mind. LED can not always stay in the replacement level, we have to look from the big, in the transcendence of the article, in the "pan-LED lighting" to strengthen innovation and research and development. The following are the same as the ones,

2, the depth, that is, LED do more professional. This requires companies to do subtraction, in their own areas of expertise to do fine, do special, so deep, may find suitable for their own survival space and cheese.

The following are the same as the

3, the concentration, that is, to improve the cost-effective LED, and to provide consumers with concentrated, simplified products. Fourth, the height, that is, LED to have a high degree of wisdom, intelligent lighting is the future trend, but wisdom is not equivalent to complex, minimalist, easy to operate is widely used.

Finally, I also talk about the development of LED lighting a little hope.

Hope that our LED can be made from manufacturing to Zhi Zhi, change the current LED lighting production is large, but the lack of innovative embarrassing situation; hope LED brand can go out as soon as possible, like the IT sector ABT (Ali, Baidu, Tencent) as an international leader enterprise;

Hoping to improve the gold industry in the LED industry, in the key common technology, invention patents have more breakthroughs and cross, the so-called "brand can let you go farther, a patent can let you go faster, innovation is to let you fly Higher "; hope to build our LED proud of the industry, LED world dream is no longer" one step away. "



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