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Advantages of led interior lighting

Jan 19, 2017

Led is the 21st century's most promising inventions, this technology is strongly supported by the Government of misconduct after expanding, improving, now that we have a stable of industry standards and technologies. At present most of the led lighting used to do business, in fact, led interior lighting has a number of advantages. Commercial lighting uses colored LED, white LED combination of indoor decorative interiors provide auxiliary lighting for indoor, hid lights use LED, especially beneficial for low space. Entertainment and stage lighting due to LED's dynamic, digital color, brightness and dimming control, vivid saturated color can create static and dynamic lighting effects. Any color from the full spectrum of white light, LED lighting used in this type of space opened up new ideas.
In addition, compared to the neon and LED interior lighting, because it is a low voltage, no breakable glass, not making bends in the added cost, is worthy of logo design use. Interior lighting for lighting quality, because LED light sources do not have heat, UV-and IR-radiation, damage to exhibits or product does not produce, compared with traditional light sources, lighting does not need additional filtering devices, lighting systems is simple, inexpensive and easy to install. The precise lighting, as a substitute for fiber optic lighting of the Museum.
Long life, high lumen maintenance value (after 10,000 hours maintaining the 90% lumen), and PAR lamps and metal halide lamps of 50-250 compared to the hours of life, reduced the frequency of the maintenance and replacement of light sources. In addition, the LED has overcome metal halide lamps use after a period of time the color migration phenomenon. Compared with PAR lights, no heat, you can make the space more comfortable.