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After the lighting era, lighting manufacturers development strategy analysis

May 17, 2017

2011 LED is undoubtedly the global LED lighting market turmoil in the most intense five years, LED lighting in the past five years to show an unprecedented development results, look at LED technology innovation, from secondary to three yuan to four yuan chip to white, This section of the journey since the 1960s, with the technological changes, the application of all the way from the lights to the lighting, lighting from the lighting to the lighting of outdoor lighting, from the display backlight to the general lighting, where the popular grass Yan no match , The incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp, gas discharge lamp step by step.

However, after 2015, this wave of 100% annual growth rate of more than 100% annual growth rate of rapid expansion of LED lighting seems to slow down its irresistible footsteps, but in the global lighting market in addition to Japan, China, the United States And some emerging markets LED lighting products increased year by year penetration, LED seems to have quietly changed the traditional lighting industry, as well as part of the rules of the game.

2015 - 2016 LED lighting, although not a few years ago to blow up to grow, but still 10-20% growth rate to move forward, according to the annual rate of shipment, LED has been firmly more than 50%, but LED accounted for the proportion of the amount of global lighting is still only 20% hovering, if 2011 - 2015 LED lighting is the popularity of high-speed development period, then "after the LED lighting era" now and in the future, what happened in the lighting industry Kind of change, then where to go from it? The following will try from the "product", "channel" and "brand" for the three analysis!

"As a result of the well-known, LED in the lighting industry is from the" replacement of light and lighting, "a step by step to the" integrated lighting "and derived from the LED characteristics generated by the" innovative light and lighting. " LED not only with its programmable advantages of the lighting industry from the "analogy" era into the "digital" era, but also with its thin and small size advantage to LED lighting product design is almost free. If the last 40 years from the beginning of the 1970s by the energy-saving lamps to open the electronic lighting industry's long process, the next 10 years will be kicked off by the LED lighting industry information process? And let us wait and see!

"Channel change": In the past few years in the retail channels such as IKEA, THE HOME DEPOT, LOWES and other retail giant wave of strong push LED bulb promotional activities, a direct result of the retail channel LED products quickly spread, and such as Amazon, Alibaba and other E-COMMERCE more to promote a wave of retail channels can not be ignored in the emerging power of the project channel in the Indian government EESL over the past few years by the establishment of more than 400 million, and still continue to 200 million per year increase LED bulb sales is also a worthy of attention to the emerging model; professional projects in the past 10 years in the Chinese government in recent years, urban landscape lighting and large-scale construction projects, making the Chinese manufacturers from the OEM service evolution to ODM services or even replace the past international Diversified lighting system solutions even evolved to ESCO operators! This shows that the past by the three major circulation brands Philips, OSRAM, GE oligopoly of the retail, government projects and even professional markets and other channels have undergone a certain degree of change!

"Brand change": the past Philips, OSRAM, GE and other three light source brand aspect of the world more than a century, in product technology, global production, channel operation, brand development and other aspects, leading the global lighting industry, and even in the LED technology Different stages have also been successful, but unfortunately in the LED lighting has experienced the rapid development of 2011-2015, and in late 2015 into the steady growth of the development stage, it is reasonable that these are still ranked most of the channel terminal The giant dealers to rebuild and strengthen the market layout of the golden opportunity, but from Philips twists and turns finally decided to split the sale of LUMILEDS and car lighting and their own IPO, OSRAM split sale of LEDVANCE and GE's establishment CURRENT, exit Asia Pacific and Latin America and other emerging markets to ten A few years rumors continue to sell the case ... and so touching the big event, the traditional lighting three giant experienced a hundred years after the storm, what are the beauty and how much sadness?


Acuity Brands, Eaton, Panasonic, Op lighting, Sanxiong, Feile ... in the future of the global lighting market in the future of the LED lighting era of emerging power such as the woods, CREE, the success and big step forward Acuity Brands, Eaton, Will win? Is the so-called "Qin lost its deer, cited the world warlords and by" the future "only high-quality and first enough to have time!" And what kind of conditions is the LED lighting era of "high-profile and foot foot" it?


Looking back 2011-2015, it is LED alternative light source high-speed rise of five years, then 6 to 9 months on a new generation of technical solutions, 9-12 months of product life cycle so that brands are exhausted, let let the woods , Sunshine, Foshan Lighting, Rieter letter and other strong manufacturing companies by mastering the cutting-edge technology homeopathy.


In recent years, with the rise of LED integrated lighting, such as Acuity Brands, Eaton, Op lighting, three male is gradually into the Kangzhuang Avenue, lamps and special wholesale and professional channels, profits relative to the retail-based light source products For a better wholesale channel resources of the traditional brand companies have a better profit and growth space.

From this, or we can foresee, especially in North America and Europe, the two brands are more concentrated lighting market, it seems that the future will still have a global leader in the establishment of the brand's lighting business battleground, and nearly two years of woods and flying music Huge acquisition of LEDVANCE and HAVELLS SYLVANIA to seize the commanding heights of the big or is to see this point, with its step by step as the new brand of Op brand, LED lighting growth has slowed the next few years or more sensible decision, after all, Can have more than 100 countries have a place on the sales channels and brands, which is unique scarce resources!


Whether in the advanced market or emerging lighting market, LED lighting products in the power of the advantages and incentives may still be because the product prices are still too high factors affect the speed of popularity; the same time, consumers are also the pursuit of light quality, even if the product price is low The market sweet point, but for the comfort of the visual space on the lighting, strobe, glare is still regarded as the main threshold to replace the LED lighting; LED lighting in addition to the required design interface and the use of engineering channels to cultivate the future is also the future The important difficulties of popularization.


So the future of the post-lighting era, the lighting manufacturers of the development strategy is more towards a reasonable price, visual comfort and solve the use of the interface and provide more added value of these four points will be the main success factor. Lack of one of them, can still be a steady growth of revenue, but with these four, will have a better chance to seize the market channel terminal, strengthen the brand strength and increase profits.

For the 2016 lighting manufacturers revenue survey and analysis, can be divided into four main types:

First: the international lighting manufacturers due to the traditional lighting production capacity is too high, although the gradual transformation of LED lighting, and LED lighting products have far-reaching planning, LED lighting revenue growth as the manufacturers themselves expected, and therefore will accelerate the LED lighting business Innovation and growth to achieve profit targets. On behalf of manufacturers such as Philips Lighting, OSRAM Licht AG, GE (Current), LEDVANCE.

Second: the regional development of the king of the lighting manufacturers, known as the simple called the national team or Local King, with the support of national governments to specifications, standards, tariffs, etc. to block foreign manufacturers, and to policy incentives, subsidies, etc. , To encourage local lighting manufacturers to quickly develop lighting products. Representative manufacturers for Acuity Brands, Panasonic, TOSHIBA, Feile audio, Op lighting and so on. Although there are a lot of traditional lighting products, but consumer awareness is quite enough to promote manufacturers LED lighting penetration in 2016 are as high as 60% -70%.


Third: with niche advantages, especially channel advantages, to be technical assistance, into the special market and other emerging lighting manufacturers, whether it is light bulbs and lamps, can be used in the beginning to use LED lighting products, revenue contribution is quite enough. Mainly on behalf of manufacturers such as Feit Electric, Iris Ohyama, etc., but revenue and profit because the manufacturing cost is not competitive, the performance is declining year by year.


Fourth: the middle and upper reaches of the production or OEM business transformation for the brand of enterprises, such as Mu Lin Sen, CREE, Sunshine, Leda letter as the representative. Can be said that the above three major development of the lighting manufacturers, are the fourth largest development, but the major manufacturers. Which in turn based on the global lighting production and manufacturing of the largest camp of the Chinese market, leveraging the scale of manufacturing cost advantage, creating a Chinese lighting manufacturers accumulated to enter the global market solid foundation.

Finally, the future of LED lighting era, with manufacturing cost advantages of manufacturers to provide product manufacturing services, and have brand manufacturers, will focus more on R & D innovation, marketing, channel management, leading the development of the global lighting industry, bringing all mankind better Green energy-saving lighting products experience.

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