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Analysis of the Characteristics of Common LED Chip

May 26, 2017

Common LED chip characteristics analysis:

One, MB chip

Definition: Metal BONding (metal adhesion) chip; the chip belongs to UEC's patented product.


1: The use of high thermal coefficient of material --- Si as a substrate, easy to heat.

2: Through the metal layer to bond (wafer bonding) epitaxial layer and substrate, while reflecting the photons, to avoid the absorption of the substrate.

3:Conductive Si substrate to replace the GaAs substrate, with good thermal conductivity (thermal conductivity difference of 3 to 4 times), more adapted to the field of high drive current.

4: The bottom of the metal reflective layer, is conducive to the promotion of light and heat

5: Size can be increased, used in the field of high power, eg: 42mil MB

Second, GB chip

Definition: Glue Bonding (adhesive bonding) chip; the chip belongs to UEC's patented product


1:Transparent sapphire substrate to replace the absorption of the GaAs substrate, the optical power is the traditional AS (Absorbable STructure) chip more than 2 times, sapphire substrate similar to the TS chip GaP substrate.

 2: Chip on both sides of the light, with excellent Pattern

3: Brightness, the overall brightness has exceeded the TS chip level (8.6mil)

4: Double electrode structure, the high current resistance to slightly worse than the TS single electrode chip

Third, TS chip

Definition: transparent structure (transparent substrate) chip, the chip belongs to HP's patented product.


1: Chip technology production complex, much higher than the AS LED

2: Trust excellence

3: Transparent GaP substrate, do not absorb light, high brightness

4: Widely used

Four, AS chip

Definition: Absorbable structure (absorption substrate) chip;

After nearly four decades of development efforts, Taiwan's LED optoelectronics industry for the type of chip research and development, production and sales in a mature stage, the major companies in this aspect of the basic level of research and development in the same level, the gap is not large.

The mainland chip manufacturing industry started late, its brightness and reliability and the Taiwan industry there is a certain gap, where we talk about the AS chip, especially UEC AS chip, eg 712SOL-VR, 709SOL-VR, 712SYM- VR, 709SYM-VR, and the like


1: Four chip, using MOVPE process preparation, brightness relative to the conventional chip to light

2: Excellent reliability

3: Widely used

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