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Analysis of the difference between white LED and black light LED display

May 16, 2017

Some customers reflect the market to see a black LED display feel very curious, because the current market is mostly white light on the display. In fact, this is a different from the white LED display packaging technology. As for what is the case, what is the difference between the two? Here we collected some information, hoping to solve everyone's doubts.


1, the concept of 1, white LED display LED is made of plastic stent and light-emitting chip assembly, early light-emitting chip because the brightness is not high, so the engineers will be made of plastic stent white bowl to enhance the focus reflective to ensure brightness Not high chip to achieve a brighter effect. But white light also has shortcomings, to show the black, gray, his light-emitting diode color (white) also participated in the electronic display to express the color, which produced a color distortion (can not show black, gray, dark green ). Engineers to compensate for the loss of color to compensate for the lack of chip brightness. 2, black LED display Now, LED luminous brightness is growing, LED tube has no need to be made of white can achieve satisfactory results. In order to meet people's requirements for image fidelity, some manufacturers began to develop black LED to improve the contrast of LED display.


Second, the difference between white and black LED display In summary, the black light display is the use of plastic packaging for the black LED made of the display. Black light display contrast is higher, the whole screen more uniform background. With the increasing demand for display, LED display technology continues to progress, black LED display will become one of the mainstream market products, we will wait and see.

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