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Analysis of UVC-LED Related Enterprise, Application and Technology

May 27, 2017

Analysis of UVC-LED Related Enterprise, Application and Technology

According to TrendForce Group Advice's LED industry research brand LEDinside (LED online) The latest "2016 UV LED and infrared LED application market report" shows that in 2016 UV-CLED sterilization and purification applications market output value of 28 million US dollars, 2021 will reach 257 million US dollars, the annual compound growth rate of up to 56%, with more LED manufacturers to launch new products by the end of this year, will accelerate the progress of UVC-LED technology.

In order to understand the UV LED market in recent years, the technology and market trends, online Jun collection statistics on the industry on the development of UVC-LED made a summary and analysis for the industry reference.

Enterprise layout: from capital to strong combination of force to force the terminal

In recent years, UV LED with the product power upgrade and technical sophistication, because the long life, small size and other advantages have gradually replaced the lower power of the mercury lamp, while the international ban on mercury "Minamata Convention" since 2013, signed from the full ban Mercury time only 3 years, which is the next three years that the traditional mercury lamp products to replace all, this policy will accelerate the arrival of UV LED scale applications.

Market waiting for the outbreak, enterprises to speed up the layout. In recent years, UV LED business is the main strategic line from the pursuit of capital to the strong combination of force terminal. This is from the foreign companies RayVio can be used for attractive new health care and health products, UV LED technology financing 26 million US dollars to the acquisition of Jason, Formosa Petrochemical announced with the Japanese business equipment (Nikkiso) to develop UV -LED business can see.

And in the Formosa Petrochemical announced with the Japanese business day together to open the UV LED business after the large-scale layout mode, the Japanese machine in order to expand the terminal market, the acquisition of US UV-C LED disinfection technology manufacturers AquiSense.

And the Taiwan region because of the red light blue LED situation, have arranged UV LED, which in the chip layout for a long time companies have to take the trend to enter the terminal market, which is worth mentioning that there is light and crystal research together to build the terminal brand Bioraytron The

The combination of these enterprises can be seen, UV LED LED market for the future trend of the overall trend of the market is based on the advantages of their own chip, overdrive to expand the terminal application market.

Application trends: consumer electronics and plant lighting favored

According to the progress of the layout of UV LED companies found that the future of UV LED growth market in the field of consumer electronics.

Which there are foreign RayVio Corp known to provide medical grade disinfection within 60 seconds, killing 99.9% of the bacteria's medical grade infant supplies sterilizer Ellie to the faucet to irradiate ultraviolet rays for 5 minutes to destroy 99.98% of the bacteria LG Innotek "Water purifier faucet sterilization UV LED module.

In addition to foreign UV LED enterprise terminal layout, the domestic enterprises did not fall, the establishment of a large health brand focused on the field of consumer electronics, and optoelectronics also launched for consumer electronics products sterilization toothbrush box overall program, etc., consumer electronics UV has become the future of the most promising large market.

In addition, UV LED in the field of water purification in recent years is to continue to break through and progress, because the field of water on the chip power requirements are relatively large, the chip is difficult to make large, but now the relevant enterprises have been a major breakthrough, Also began to layout the field of water purification.

It is worth mentioning that, shortly before the British AquiSense technology companies to develop UV-C band UV LED module of this technology, has been selected in the field of international space BIOWYSE project used, which is used in space exploration The Biocompatibility Control System program will create an ecological control system that can be self-sufficient and can be used in human exploration of the space universe.

UV LED can also be used in the field of plant lighting, because the ultraviolet light on the growth and development of plants has a regulatory function, so its large-scale application in the field of agricultural lighting, and a new round of plant plant model will be UV LED The biggest play is another big area.

Technical progress: power breakthrough 100mW with a record low of 232nm wavelength

Talked about the progress of the application field, on the technological breakthrough, this year, the domestic UV LED chip big brother Jiesheng last year after the introduction of life 10,000 hours 10mW UVC LED products and based on HeaChips health chip technology, static water and mobile water sterilization module , Once again to achieve technical breakthroughs issued 100mW level UVC LED products.

According to the financial success, said the product is 6868 package, the overall small size, but it can be issued 100mW 275nm deep ultraviolet. And this time the current public report of the largest power of deep ultraviolet products.

Compared to deep UV LED power to a breakthrough, the United States Cornell University research team can not be ignored. As we all know, the more difficult the UV LED wavelength, and the team developed the latest deep ultraviolet LED light source, the current industry's deep-UV LED minimum wavelength record of 232nm, breaking the previous record by the Japanese team record 239nm.

According to the researchers, the technology uses the atomic level control interface of gallium nitride (GaN) and aluminum nitride (AlN) single-layer film for the reaction area, the successful launch of the wavelength between 232 to 270nm deep ultraviolet LED.

From the power breakthrough 100mW to the wavelength of the lowest record 232nm, UV LED deep UV technology compared to the previous has been greatly improved, although the current UVC LED market is still in its infancy, but the future growth of the space is indeed the largest.

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