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Analysis of YAG and TAG White LED Phosphors

May 27, 2017

White LED LED used in the Japanese patented YAG and OSRAM patented TAG, the following will be introduced two kinds of phosphors and their patent relationship.

         YAG is predominantly Y3Al5O12: Ce and its variant derivatives (e.g., addition of Ga in Al), YAG is easier to handle. Nichia patent written with Y, Al garnet, that is, as long as Y, the main body is Y, Al garnet on the conflict. YAG, YAG derivatives, or from their patents, for example (Y2.999Tb0.001) Al5O12: Ce.

        TAG is mainly Tb3Al5O12: Ce and its changes in derivatives, TAG more difficult to light. In order to provide high brightness in the YAG plus a little Tb, for example (Y2.999Tb0.001) Al5O12: Ce, then say TAG, this is not correct, Y-free TAG is OSRAM's patent. TAG phosphor can not contain Y, Y will be identified as YAG or its derivatives, as long as the EDX can be used to measure the Y. The use of TAG is to avoid the Japanese patent, with T's TAG can be said that the same time infringement of the Japanese and OSRAM patents. Choose TAG phosphor must pay attention to whether there is no Y.

        If YAG add a small amount or a small amount of other things can be said to be different with YAG, then Al5O12: Ce can be considered non-YAG, and that patent is easy to crack? This is not the case, the use of YAG anti-YAG patent, the use of TAG TAG patent infringement, the use of T-containing TAG but also against YAG and TAG patents. TAG with Y can not be completely separate with the Japanese patent, and at the same time against YAG and TAG patents. TAG is generally used to avoid the Japanese patent, with Y's TAG since it can not avoid the day, the loss of the use of meaning.

        Another phosphor to see whether it is really original, whether it can be truly implemented, such as YAG, TAG is Japan and Europe and Oslo's patent, after the day with the Osram, the use of YAG plus blue or TAG plus blue, even get Patent, no originality, can not really be implemented, if someone made a white patent or phosphor patent, but the use of YAG or TAG, it must pay attention to whether it can really be implemented. Phosphor powder technology patent, usually does not make any sense, the phosphor composition patent makes sense, for example, a chemical substance can be yellow as a yellow phosphor, and applied for a patent, then people use different sintering temperature or Different processes to create the phosphor, or a violation of the patent, simply, the ingredients to be locked, no matter what method to do, are patent infringement.

        The phosphor process patent does not have much practical significance because: (1) the phosphor process is similar, for a long time in a similar manner in the manufacture of phosphors, if used in the previous method, there is no specificity. For example, phosphors can be manufactured by sintering or sol-gel processes, which have long been known and used in real-world patents, should have unique steps and produce excellent results. But when discovering unique steps can produce excellent results, probably no one will make him public (because the process patent is difficult to implement, and it is easy to avoid). (2) technology patents difficult to implement. Can not see from the appearance of the phosphor with what kind of technology to create out, it is impossible to others to see other people in the factory process, that is difficult to know whether others use patented technology in the manufacture. (3) process patent is too easy to avoid. Therefore, usually do not apply for technology patents, process patents can be said to be unable to implement, the application does not make much sense.

       The process of phosphor, usually when applying for a patent for a component, is placed in a subsidiary item. Some of the patented technology is the use of technology patents will be included in the application of patents or patents, for example, apply for a phosphor process patent, in the subordinate to write: If the application of the first paragraph made by the combination of phosphor and blue chip system Do the white light source. Such a patent must see if it can be executed. Such as YAG or TAG or other patented phosphor has been a white patent, the use of technology patents to white light included can not be implemented. In other words, if someone made a different way to make YAG or TAG and then apply for a patent, in his patent application to write: If the scope of the application of the first made YAG phosphor and blue chip combination system Do the white light source. Or: If the application of the first paragraph made by the TAG phosphor and Blu-ray chip combination made of white light source, and then said to have a white patent, in fact, this is not implemented, can not be against Japan or Osram. The use of phosphor technology patent or the use of patents included in the inside, depending on whether the phosphor is original, new invention. If it is YAG, TAG process patent package into the white light, that white patent can not be implemented, because the day with the Osram has long been found, the use of inventors invented a new phosphor (no one found) the process patent Which package into the white application, that such a patent, white part can be implemented, because no one with such a phosphor to do white light.





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