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Analysis on the Ten Trends of LED Lighting Technology Development

May 16, 2017

The material basis of lighting technology is light source. Therefore, the development of lighting technology is based on the development of light source technology. Since the 20th century, 90 years of three Japanese scientists Akasaki, Amano Ho and Nakamura repair two in the GaN-based blue LED technology has made a major breakthrough since the rapid development of LED technology. This is also a strong impetus to the development of lighting technology, has and will have a huge change in lighting technology, including the following aspects:

1, the lighting of the mainstream light source will turn to LED

At present, high-power LED commercial products have reached the luminous efficiency of 150lm / W or more, life expectancy of more than 30000 hours, which makes the LED's overall performance has gone beyond the other light source.


At the same time, in addition to great power, the price of LED lamps have been close to other light source composed of lamps. Therefore, relatively speaking, LED has a certain advantage. At the same time, LED laboratory product luminous efficiency has reached 300lm / W or more, and through a reasonable cooling design, more than 50,000 hours of life is fully achievable. In principle, other light sources in the light efficiency and life to enhance the space is not. Therefore, it can be expected, LED lighting market to become the mainstream light source should be just around the corner.

2, LED device technology research will focus on green LED efficiency improvement

Semiconductor lighting technology, the core device - LED, the current red LED and blue LED has a high photoelectric efficiency, but the green LED photoelectric efficiency is very low. This limits the substantial application of LED spectral flexibility. Therefore, to enhance the green LED light effect is the most important LED research project. But the current GaN-based LED technology line encountered a lot of technical bottlenecks, whether it is the existing technology line or innovative technology line to be studied.

3, LED device technology, another study will be narrow-spectrum LED device research

The narrower spectral width of a single LED will help to truly achieve the infinite flexibility of assembling LED spectroscopy. This will make LED application prospects more widely. At the same time, the current LED a major application - LED display, if the monochrome LED spectral width becomes smaller, will be able to achieve greater color gamut space. And this is a big area of application.

4, Ordinary lighting with white LED will gradually turn to RGB way to achieve

Light for general lighting is presented in white or near white light. At present, the most comprehensive cost-effective, but also the mainstream of the market white LED, are blue LED plus YAG phosphor way to achieve. However, theoretically RGB way has a higher luminous efficiency, and the use of RGB way will make the lamp can be dimming, color, and even tone color index. Therefore, with the green LED luminous efficiency of the upgrade, I believe that RGB (further extended to 3 or more monochrome LED color mixing) will become the mainstream white LED mode.

5, The color of the light color of the characterization will be a long process of debate, the form of spectral representation may be the ultimate result

The parameters that characterize the color of the light source are mainly the color rendering index. However, this is based on the limited spectral form of traditional light sources. The infinite flexibility of the LED spectrum will make this characterization problematic. It is expected that if the LED achieves true spectral infinite flexibility, then any one-parameter color representation will actually be flawed, and the ultimate representation should be the spectrum itself.

6, The application of light will include visual applications and non-visual applications of the two basic aspects

The flexibility of the LED in terms of spectral assembly makes it possible to achieve a variety of visual and non-visual optimized applications, such as agricultural lighting, medical lighting, LED visible light communication, and so on. But relatively speaking, LED applications in the non-visual field, there are a number of issues to be solved, including: how the lighting conditions are optimized, LED prices need to be further reduced and so on. The former is a scientific problem, while the latter is the industrialization problem.

7, lighting technology and information technology will be the depth of integration, the birth of intelligent lighting

LED easy to control and itself is the characteristics of semiconductor devices, coupled with the relevance of lighting and human life, that is, there must be a place where lamps, lighting equipment is a very good physical carrier. Therefore, LED and information technology can be the depth of integration, will be the birth of intelligent lighting. This will be the future of LED lighting technology is an important direction of development.

8, The appearance of the lamp form will have great innovation potential

At present, most of the LED lamps and lanterns, including LED bulb, LED downlight, LED tube, etc., in the form are to meet people's spending habits, and this is not the best form of lighting machinery to be studied. At least, LED lighting in the future there is a lot of mechanical form of innovation space.

9, OLED will occupy an important position in the display area

The OLED emits light in the form of a surface light source relative to an LED that emits light at an approximate point source. Therefore, the future of LED lighting applications (visual applications and non-visual applications) the vast majority of the market, OLED is still in the display area has certain advantages.

10, Natural light lighting will be taken seriously

In recent years, energy-efficient lighting, health lighting and ecological lighting has been a lot of attention. And the use of sunlight to achieve lighting, naturally become the best choice. Therefore, I believe that with the technological progress, natural light will be more and more attention.

As the LED in the scale, spectrum, time three space great flexibility, the future development of LED may be the birth of many innovative applications and concepts, which is worth looking forward to. This is based on the development trend of artificial light source lighting. At the same time, with the green concept of environmental protection continues to deepen, natural light lighting will also be greater development.



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