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Application of Intelligent Induction Technology in High Power Solar Energy Road Lighting

Jun 08, 2017

The rapid development of solar energy technology, making solar energy this green energy has been more and more widely used, very interesting is that accompanied by the accompanying road lighting technology is more and more mature, solar and led lighting will undoubtedly become the best partner.


Nevertheless, in the use of high-power solar street lights still have many challenges, one of the biggest problem is that the solar panel is too large, not suitable for ten meters in the poles installed on the fixed, plus the battery capacity, the entire cost of high cost, Has also become a hindrance to the development of high-power solar led street light.

We can from a variety of angles to further optimize the high power led solar street lights to make it more perfect. There is no doubt that the use of the smallest possible solar panels and the smallest possible capacity of the battery can be very meaningful to explore. This paper attempts to explore the technology from the perspective of automatic intelligent sensor technology or intelligent sensing technology to explore the technology on high-power led road lighting brought significant improvements. Imagine how meaningful it would be to reduce solar panels and energy storage batteries by 50% or more by using a technology.

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Beijing Optical Bridge technology specifically for the development of intelligent led sensor system is to give the built-in visual perception led lights system. These visual perception system can be sensitive to the surrounding environment, when the perception of pedestrians, intelligent LED lights work in full power all bright state, when the perception of no car no one, the wisdom of LED street light brightness is dimmed to help the street To achieve intelligent energy saving, and extend the life of street lamps. The use of intelligent sensing technology can usually save 50% or more. Application to the solar led lights, 50% of the energy savings also means that only half of the original use of solar panels and energy storage batteries can be achieved before the same lighting effects. Also easy to be overlooked is that the replacement life of the battery is usually five years, so the energy storage battery savings will continue in the future follow-up energy storage battery replacement continued to benefit.


We know that people may be worried about whether the distance can meet the actual needs, that is to say whether it can be in the vehicle before the arrival of pedestrians in advance so that led lights from the dormant state of the trigger triggered into a bright state. People may not like this frequent led lights bright and dark changes. In fact, this worry is completely unnecessary, because we can by adjusting this intelligent led solar street light sensor parameters, so that this effect becomes minimal.


Beijing Optical Bridge in the solar led lights built-in automatic sensor using automatic image sensing technology, that is to say through the image sensor to obtain the target image, the target image movement will cause led lights trigger, which means that the sensor is by To capture the motion of the image and complete, we can capture very long distance of the moving image, which means that the sensing distance can be very far. In addition, different from the traditional induction technology, Beijing Optical Bridge technology, intelligent image sensor technology in addition to sensing the moving target, but also can sense the night car lights to trigger the led lights, which greatly increased the induction of solar induction light The In addition, more importantly, the trigger after the highlight of the led lights can be arbitrarily set, usually our set time is 30 seconds, imagine if we set the induction time to trigger the sensor to keep highlighting for 2 minutes or Longer, due to peak traffic flow, two minutes there will be a continuous trigger of the vehicle, which means that during the peak hours of work this street is a long bright state, so do not have to worry about the peak hours of traffic induction The length of the problem, and whether you are worried about whether it will change from bright to people may not like the dormant low state. In other words, during peak traffic hours, it is a long street lamp, and only in the traffic scarce occurs when the induction sleep.

Induction lights to highlight the bright hold time from short to long can be arbitrarily adjusted, it will be derived from a number of practical energy-saving lamps, in fact, 70% of the management of street lamps can use the image sensor sensor trigger time to set the trigger And realized. For long customers who prefer long, we can set a long trigger to keep the brightness in order to keep the long light in the peak period, so that the sensor only in the traffic scarce period to play a role. And for more emphasis on energy-saving street owners, we can reduce the trigger after the highlight of the time to make the sensor more sensitive to more energy efficient. Even we can set the trigger sensor only in the traffic peak period is valid, and in the traffic flow is scarce, even if the vehicle does not trigger the induction through.

In the suburbs of the trunk road 120w solar street lights for example, the evening lighting time of 10 hours, usually suburban road vehicles trigger full light period of 3 hours, the other 7 hours for the sleep 20% power brightness state, the actual equivalent power of 52.8 watts, The formula is as follows:

(3hx120w) / 10h + (20% x7hx120w) / 10h = 52.8w


Saving 56%, which means now only need to use the original 44% of the solar panels and energy storage batteries, you can achieve the original 120-watt solar led lights lighting effects. Saving solar panels and energy storage batteries more than half.


In summary, Beijing Optical Bridge image sensor technology in the use of solar led lights can be reduced by 50% or more of the solar panels and the use of energy storage batteries, without affecting the lighting effect under the premise of making solar led lights More lightweight, easier to install, the cost is cheaper, easy to achieve solar led street lighting power doubled.

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