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Basic knowledge of LED testing technology

May 25, 2017

Forward voltage: The voltage drop across the poles when the forward current of the LED is determined.

Reverse current: current applied to the light-emitting diodes when the reverse voltage is determined, the current flowing through the light-emitting diodes. The following are the same as the "

Peak wavelength: the highest wavelength of spectral radiation power.

Half intensity angle: In the light (or radiation) intensity distribution, the luminous (or radiated) luminous intensity is greater than or equal to the maximum intensity of half the composition of the angle.

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Main wavelength: any color can be seen as a certain spectral color with a certain proportion with a reference light source (such as CIE standard light source A, B, C, etc., can light source E, the standard lighting body D65, etc.) mixed and match The color of the spectrum is the main wavelength of the color. The main wavelength of the color corresponds to the color (color) of the color observed by the human eye. If you have obtained the chromaticity coordinates of the LED device under test, you can use the white light E light source (x0 = 0.3333, y0 = 0.3333) as the reference light source to calculate the main wavelength of the decision color. When calculating the slope of the straight line connecting the reference light source chromaticity point to the chromaticity point of the sample color, the intersection of the straight line and the spectral trajectory is read and the main wavelength is determined.

Average intensity: The ratio of the luminous flux dΦv contained in a small solid angle element in a given direction to this solid angle dΩ, expressed in candela (cd). The following are the same as the "

Radiation Bandwidth: The wavelength of the spectral radiated power is greater than or equal to half the maximum. The following are the same as the "

LED Test Technology CIE-127-1997 Measurement of LEDs Recommended standard conditions A and B to measure the average LED strength in near-field conditions.


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