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Beijing First Nb-iot application Intelligent Street Lamp Project starts

Nov 23, 2017

Relying on the advanced Nb-iot (narrowband Networking) network technology, Beijing Mobile recently and the future of Science Park jointly launched a new generation of Intelligent street lighting project. The first phase of the project to achieve the future of science and Technology Waterfront Park 615 Street lamp Intelligent Single Lamp control, group control, brightness adjustment and status monitoring functions, in the country to reach the technological leader, the size of the leading, leading effect.

 Project leader for the reporter said: the traditional street lamp mostly uses a plurality of street lamps to share a switch power supply way, not only the illumination energy consumption is high, the lamp life by the traditional craft influence also has not been able to raise significantly. and traditional street lamps rely on manual troubleshooting, human cost input high, if the failure maintenance is not, there will be a blind area, causing inconvenience to pedestrians. 

As the internet of things becomes more and more popular, intelligent street lamps are gradually appearing in cities. However, the traditional wisdom street lamp is the use of "two-jump" lighting solution: In a section to set up a convergence gateway, each gateway to connect about 100 lights, and then through the $number Network reporting management system. This way through the deployment of a large number of gateways to control street lights, high cost, high difficulty in networking, Operation Management trouble. Now, Nb-iot technology has injected new energy into the wisdom street lamp. 

Compared with traditional technology, Nb-iot has a large number of connections, ultra-low power consumption, depth coverage, high security, stable and reliable advantages; The advanced control system makes the new generation of intelligent Street lamp operation more convenient: just click on the computer screen or mobile phone, you can light or close the street lights, combined with the park customized map GIS system, The whole control system of the streetlight is clear and easy to operate. 

The energy-saving effect of the new generation of intelligent street lamps is also not to be underestimated: After the park is closed, all the lights will be automatically adjusted to the minimum level of illumination requirements, in the LED energy-saving lamp based on two energy-saving, the effect is very obvious. 

In addition, the new generation of intelligent street lamps in the network maintenance, cost control, lighting control, electricity inquiries, automatic fault alarm, street lighting strategy formation and so on has also significantly improved. In short, through the Intelligent Street lamp control system to realize the street lamp management intellectualization, modernization, effectively improve management efficiency and achieve energy saving and emission reduction. 

As the first Nb-iot application project in Beijing, the success of Intelligent street lamps in the future is the beginning of building "the basic platform of Intelligent City Service", and it is also an important milestone for Beijing Mobile to fully practise the "big connection" strategy. In the new era of interconnection, the wisdom application based on Nb-iot network will become a reality in many fields such as public service and environmental protection in the future. 

It is worth mentioning that, not long ago, the male new area mobile also completed in the Nb-iot "Wisdom Light Pole", "Wisdom manhole Cover" pilot project business on-line.

 At the beginning of 2017, China Mobile, Chinese Unicom, telecom three major operators in the Nb-iot field, from the policy, operation to the industrial chain to promote the downstream Nb-iot into the fast lane. Among them, China Mobile deployment Nb-iot Network can be said to have a congenital advantage, holding Fdd900mhz band and a large number of cash flow, coupled with the industrial chain upstream and downstream of active cooperation, deployment of Nb-iot network. Therefore, China's mobile Nb-iot network took the lead in a wide range of landing.