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Can eye protects eyes? Several strokes to buy LED lights small tricks

May 22, 2017

Whether it is parents to the child's desk, or long-term face of the computer crowd, the lights are very important to an external factor, in order to protect the eyes healthy, eye protection is also very important, what kind of lighting conditions most suitable Eye, LED lights and eye protection between what kind of distinction and contact?

Lighting selection errors

The light is too strong

In the dark conditions of reading is not good, too bright place in the book will also cause damage to the eyes, the light is too bright conditions directly lead to reflection enhancement, reducing the ability of the eye resolution, leading to visual fatigue, which is a myopia Major predisposing factors.

Select white light

White light has also become a cold light, in accordance with the color temperature of the lamp is generally in the 6000k look, because the white light can provide the greatest brightness contrast, intelligence caused the weakest visual response, so it will be more likely to promote eye fatigue.

The higher the frequency the better

Light flicker frequency is also some entry-level lights of the crowd must pay attention to the problem, in general, the higher the frequency of light flicker, the relative degree of visual fatigue will be reduced, but the strobe is one of the factors causing visual fatigue, can not rely entirely on strobe To determine the quality of light.

Start: how to choose the right eye protection

Eye protection mainly through the light source type, light color and strength to start three areas, choose the most suitable for their own visual conditions of the product.

Type of light source:

Eye light source types are divided into points, lines, noodles, light source for the light bulb, line light for the lamp, while the surface light source is the overall larger luminous body, the three in the best light source, the line Light source Second, the point light source comfort the lowest.

Color temperature and light color

Color temperature below 5000k warm light is most suitable as a close reading and writing of the lighting source, the lamp light color to light yellow for the best, it can effectively reduce the white light reflected light intensity, while improving the resolution of the eye.

Light intensity

Light intensity is also the most important factor in the choice of eye protection, we choose the bulb will be found next to a lumen option, from the data, the illumination in the 200 ~ 300lx intensity of light when reading and writing the strongest resolution , But also to the eyes feel the most comfortable.




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