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China launches Chengdu first batch of Wisdom street Lights

Jul 31, 2017

In recent years, the word "sharing" in all walks of life, "shared economy" in the full swing of the situation into all aspects of society, for the people's production and life has brought great changes. Sichuan Hua Body Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Hua-body lighting") first insight into the "sharing" of the new trend of social development, in October 2016 in Chengdu High-tech zone Kam still West second road to launch the first batch of "intelligent street lamp." Today, the "sharing of intelligent street lamp + sharing of new energy cars" is unfolding in Chengdu, the story of integration

led panel light.jpg

I. Functional diversity

Chinese lighting intelligent Street lights loaded outdoor display, free WiFi, mobile phone charging functions, more importantly, there are new energy vehicle charging function. and the sharing of new energy vehicles need to solve the problem of recharge, the two exist a supporting basis. Therefore, in coordination with the relevant departments, China lighting and universal car rental Chengdu Car Leasing Co., Ltd. to achieve cooperation in Kam still West second road to carry out pilot work, with a column of shared Wisdom street lamps and two new energy sharing cars form a time-sharing lease to return the car point. After six months of trial operation, has achieved remarkable results, the street lamp accumulated for the new energy vehicle charging nearly 2,700 meters of electricity, the service of new energy vehicles more than 850 trips. Due to the convenience of charging and taking the car, the location of the car in the global car to enjoy Chengdu Auto Leasing Co., Ltd. Chengdu, all points in the top ten.

Second, easy to use

In the process of use, the new energy time-sharing rental car users pull the charge gun head down, plug in, can be recharged; private electric vehicles need to use their own charge gun, and scan the two-dimensional code, in the app to recharge.

III. Low-carbon environmental protection

The shared Wisdom Street lamp only needs to install on the original spot of the traditional street lamp, achieves the goal of a poles, can avoid the extra excavation problem caused by the construction of the charging pile, make municipal resources intensive use, reflect Low-carbon environmental protection of the urban development concept, and sharing of new energy vehicles to use electricity for energy, and through the sharing of ways to improve vehicle utilization, reduce the use of fuel vehicles, is also a green Low-carbon environmental protection important way. The combination of two new things for the public to provide a more convenient and low-carbon way of travel for Chengdu to create a new green environmental protection trend.

IV. Government support

"New energy vehicles in the domestic development is very rapid, but the overall number of roadside charging pile is relatively small, and the street lamp itself has electricity, a bit of space, relative to the traditional charging pile excavation pull line, lower cost, saving resources." "Chinese lighting staff said that in the City of Urban Management Committee, the letter Committee's strong support, built this wisdom street lamp demonstration road."


At present, in addition to the installation of intelligent lighting in Chengdu, Sichuan, in Wuhu, Anhui also has a large-scale application, will be further extended to all over the country, to create a new green environment for the country.