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China's lighting industry has entered the stock market status

Jan 19, 2018

In a blink of an eye at the end of 2017 years, enterprises are also busy taking stock of the year's harvest. Recently, big lighting has also visited some businesses and businesses to listen to their views on the 2017 lighting market. Stand in different position and angle, each enterprise, each merchant's viewpoint is different, to 2017 own harvest also has the dissimilarity attitude. However, there is a common confusion, that is, "it feels like business is harder than a year!"

In the market economy behavior, one kind is the rational analysis, based on the data speech; one is perceptual analysis, which we call "commercial smell". Enterprises or businesses, the "business is difficult to do" feeling, is a "business sense of smell." When everyone has this "business difficult to do" feeling, it shows that the lighting market really weak growth!

What is the "stock market"? It is a market that is relatively saturated, that is, low or no growth. According to CSA statistics, China's lighting industry market Size 2011 is 364.8 billion Yuan, 2012 is 419.6 billion yuan, 2013 is 470 billion yuan, 2014 is 520 billion yuan, 2015 is 564 billion yuan, 2016 is 578 billion yuan. China's lighting industry market growth rate is 20%, 15%, 12%, 10%, 8%, 5.5%.


From this series of data, the future of China's lighting industry market will be stable in 600 billion yuan, the growth margin narrowed, has entered the "Stock market" state! (Note: For China's lighting industry market size, different units of statistical methods, statistical caliber, the data are also different, but the data reflect the state is the increase narrowing.) )

As China's lighting industry into the "stock market" state, so many enterprises and distributors of market competition, is the stock market competition. Because of the rapid growth of previous years, businesses and businesses can gain revenue from incremental markets, so it feels less difficult to do business. Now feel "business is difficult to do", its essence is "stock market" under the state of more intense market competition caused!

Even in the Chinese lighting industry into the "stock market" state, we can still see, to OP, NVC, Foshan lighting, Sunshine Lighting and other listed companies as the representative of the outstanding brand enterprises, still maintain the annual sales growth of more than 20%! And in the large lighting platform issued by the "Big Lighting hundred list", The annual sales of hundred strong companies have also increased significantly.

Waterproof-LED-Panel-Light-Mounted-Ceiling-with-UL-Ce-RoHS (2).jpg

In this way, the outstanding brand enterprises in the stock market continue to carve out a greater market share, and constantly create one after another a new record! When the entire market scale of China's lighting industry in the "stock market" state, many small and medium-sized enterprises and business market is naturally "cut", will feel "business more and more difficult to do!"

Similarly, although the entire Chinese lighting industry is in the "stock market" state, but the performance of different category areas is also different. As we all know, in the last 3 years, thanks to the landscape lighting, light engineering promotion, outdoor landscape lighting Enterprise's performance has been greatly improved, Liard, Chau Ming, famous sinks, China and other listed companies have benefited from this.

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However, because most of the project is directly from the enterprise to obtain orders, the merchant's "benefits" is not much. and landscape lighting market strong growth in the overall market size changes in the circumstances, the nature of other categories of the market scale decline, such as ordinary light source and general business Photo category, which is also reflected in the corresponding areas of enterprises and businesses to live in the "feeling."

Of course, 2017, there are a number of business days have been "moist", that is part of the export-oriented lighting enterprises. Why are they having a good time? This is because the global lighting industry is now still "incremental market" state!

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