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Chinese Academy of Sciences breakthroughs in efficient LED chip and material key technology

May 19, 2017

Under the support of the "11th Five-Year" National 863 Program New Materials Project, the Innovation Team Project of "Highly Effective Nitride LED Materials and Chip Technology" undertook by the Institute of Semiconductors of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, through technical radiation and transfer, personnel training and International exchange and cooperation, etc., to achieve the introduction of advanced technology, digestion, absorption, and then innovation, thereby enhancing the international competitiveness of China's semiconductor lighting industry, and promote the implementation of China's semiconductor lighting project. The subject has recently passed the acceptance.

"Innovative nitride LED materials and chip key technology" innovation team, in personnel training and team building and other aspects of a positive exploration, through the strengthening of scientific and technological innovation team management, the introduction of several national "thousands of people plan", the Chinese Academy of Sciences " Hundreds of people plan "and" national outstanding youth "winner, trained dozens of young talent, formed a hundred crosses of disciplines, with cutting edge exploration ability and engineering, industrial background of high level semiconductor lighting personnel.

For the significant demand for energy conservation and emission reduction in China, the "Innovative Nitride LED Materials and Chip Key Technologies" innovative team has built a complete flexible semiconductor lighting process platform from semiconductor lighting major equipment, material extension, chip development to efficient high-power packaging and test analysis , With a flexible research and development capabilities and engineering demonstration capabilities.

The innovation team also formed a series of independent intellectual property rights with important research results, and developed the relevant technical standards. In China, the first breakthrough in the nitride-based semiconductor epitaxial material growth and doping, chip structure design and mechanism validation, testing and packaging and other key technologies to achieve more than 150lm / w LED luminous efficiency; successfully prepared China's first 300nm The following room temperature fluorescent light UV UVLED devices, and to achieve the device power milliwatts output; developed the first 48 MOCVD prototype in China, the third party testing, equipment, gallium nitride material extension, the performance indicators to The level of similar international MOCVD equipment.



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