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Development of LED road lights

May 12, 2017

Appearance structure:

Novel design, clever structure, full of modern atmosphere, in line with the trend of the times, in terms of heat we have adopted a creative air convection cavity aluminum radiator design, radiator up and down two layers of heat dissipation, the middle by eight , Before and after the transparent, while the left and right sides of the air convection hole, to strengthen the cavity of the internal air circulation, is conducive to the discharge of heat, thus effectively improving the thermal conductivity of LED light source. The above unique thermal design to ensure that the high-power LED light source at 45 ℃ below the safe operating temperature.

LED light source:

Independent research and development designed a metal bolt type high power LED light source. In order to improve the stability of the product we use the high quality of the United States imported LED light-emitting chip, the LED light-emitting chip directly packaged in the top of the metal bolt nut, the product assembly LED metal bolts directly on the aluminum radiator , Thus effectively the LED and radiator tightly integrated, changing the traditional high-power LED light source with thermal silica gel thermal conductivity of the status quo, greatly improved the LED and aluminum radiator between the heat conduction efficiency, effective guarantee The LED light source life is greater than 60,000 hours. At the same time using Taiwan's high-quality phosphor, so that a single LED brightness of 80 lumens or more; and a variety of color temperature can choose to meet the different occasions on different color temperature needs.

Light distribution curve:

Using a unique secondary optical lens module and "ribbon spot" light design. The length of the spot is determined by the angle of the LED light, thus rationally controlling the distribution of light, avoiding the superposition of light, reducing the light loss, realizing the connection of the stripes between the poles, so as to meet the national standard The brightness of the indicators. In ensuring the ideal road illumination and uniformity while eliminating the LED glare and protect the role of LED road light source.

Drive circuit:

DC 9V-30V or mains AC 84V-264V wide voltage input drive circuit design. Accurate constant current output, so that each high-power LED light source work in a constant rated current, the line loss and aging factor is small, electric conversion efficiency ≥ 85%, accurate constant current output to ensure the LED road light source life.

Light source module

The light source adopts the modular design scheme to realize the best matching of the ground illumination and the power. By increasing the amount of the light source to meet the requirements of the different road width and illumination, the aim is to meet the requirements of the city's lighting and not waste the energy.


LED road lightsto develop, in the following areas need attention:

Improve the luminous flux from the high-power LED epitaxial technology, chip technology and other basic levels to further enhance. Domestic and foreign production of white LED is the first way to place the LED chip in the package on the substrate, with gold wire bonding, and then coated around the chip YAG phosphor, and then encapsulated with epoxy resin. Resin both acts as a protective chip and acts as a condenser. From the LED chip to send out the blue light to the surrounding phosphor layer after repeated scattered reflection, 

A.      absorption, and finally sent to the outside. The peak of the spectral line of LED (blue) is 465 nm and the half-value is 30 nm. LED part of the blue light emitted by the yellow YAG phosphor layer, so that it issued a yellow light (peak 555nm), part of the blue light directly or reflected out after the final, and finally to the outside of the light blue and blue dichroic light, that is white. Chip flip technology (FlipChip) can be more than the traditional LED chip packaging technology more effective light. However, if the light is not reflected below the electrode of the light emitting layer of the chip to reflect the waste of light, it will cause about 8% of the light loss. So the floor material must be added to the reflective layer. Chip side of the light must also use the heat sink mirror to reflect, increase the device's light rate. And a layer of silicone material should be added between the flip-chip sapphire substrate (Sapphire) and the epoxy-bonded junction to improve the refractive index of the chip. After the optical packaging technology to improve, can greatly improve the high power LED device out of light (luminous flux).

B.      LED road lighting equipment to optimize the design, improve the use of LED quality. Therefore, the study of high power LED road light source secondary optical light distribution design, to meet the large area cast light and flood lighting with light demand is particularly urgent. Through the secondary optical design technology, the design of additional reflective cup and multiple optical lens and aspheric light surface, can improve the device to take light efficiency. The traditional light source irradiation direction is 360 °, the lamp relies on the reflector to reflect most of the light to a specific position, only about 40% of the light is directly through the glass to reach the road, the other light through the lamp reflector and then cast the lamp , The efficiency of the reflector lamp is generally only 50% to 60%, so about 60% of the light output in the lamp, is lost in 30% to 40% and then projected onto the road. A large part of the light output of the light source is limited to the heat generated inside the lamp. LED light most of the light is the former light, you can achieve> 95% of the luminous efficiency, which is different from other LED light source is one of the important features, if you can not use this feature well, will make the advantages of LED discount. Most of the high-power LED road lights as a result of a number of LED chip assembly, to so many light source according to different directions, we give full play to the overall characteristics of the chip package, using the lens to solve, through optical design, according to different needs, with different convex curve , Rely on the lens to the light distribution in different directions to ensure that the light angle can reach 120 ° ~ 160 °, a small light can be gathered within 30 °, the lens once stereotypes, in the production process to ensure that under the premise of the same kind of lamps The light distribution characteristics also reached a consistent. Can be done through a number of trial production, constantly sum up experience, to enable LED road lights to meet the road lighting standard requirements of the bat wing light type. Tunnel lights, street lights and general lighting has reached the lighting requirements of their respective applications.

Cooling is the LED lights need to focus on solving the problem. As we all know, LED is a photoelectric device, its work process only 15% to 25% of the energy into light energy, the rest of the electricity is almost converted into heat, so that the LED temperature. In high-power LED, heat is a big problem. For example, a 10W white LED if the photoelectric conversion efficiency of 20%, then 8W of electrical energy into heat, if not cooling measures, the high power LED core temperature will rise rapidly, when the junction temperature (TJ) 

A.      When the maximum temperature exceeds the maximum allowable temperature (typically 150 ° C), the high power LED is damaged by overheating. Therefore, high-power LED lighting design, the most important design work is the thermal design. As the LED lights brightness requirements, the use of the environment is more demanding, if the heat solution is not good, will quickly lead to LED aging, stability decreased. A street lamp with 250W high pressure sodium lamp, because the technology is mature, good heat control, even if the work of 5000 hours, the light is still very small. Under the same conditions of high-power LED lights, if the heat solution is not good, the light will be great. LED street lamp cooling methods are: natural convection cooling, the installation of forced cooling fan, heat pipe, heat pipe heat dissipation and temperature plate cooling and so on. The installation of the fan forced cooling system is complex, low reliability, heat pipe and the temperature plate cooling method cost is higher.

B.      LED road lights, and ultimately will choose modular installation and maintenance. Now the road with the most high-pressure sodium lamp, the internal ballast and other components are not easy to damage, most of the reasons for the light is not damaged, the maintenance of the way as long as the replacement of light can be. A skilled operation of workers, can be a personal high-profile operation. However, LED road lights, a lot of internal parts, in addition to light source (chip), the other parts of the damage will lead to the chip does not shine. So, in the field, can not immediately determine the cause of LED road lights damage. If the LED lights do not shine, need to take off the LED road lights to the factory for the detection. This way to replace the LED lights is very cumbersome. The final version of the development of LED road lights is to develop into a modular. Light source, electrical, etc. are all replaced by plug, so that a skilled worker, but also can independently determine the cause of damage and on-site maintenance.

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