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DIY lighting design, magnetic track lights can do whatever they want

Sep 12, 2020


     In recent years, magnetic track lights have been indispensable in high-end space lighting design. It can give you all the sense of hierarchy, comfort, design, and luxury you want!

     Take Sanxiong Aurora Smart Series LED low-voltage magnetic track system as an example (hereinafter referred to as "Smart Series"). One track can take into account both basic lighting and key lighting. The lamp body can be plugged and brightened, easy to disassemble and assemble, and flexible to move. It is especially suitable for the popular minimalist style, making the space clean and extending the visual effect.

     Plug and shine, easy to disassemble and install without restriction

     The soul of magnetic track lights is not lamps, but magnetic.

Through the magnetic attraction technology, the lamp assembly can be adsorbed on the track. The lamp is easy to disassemble and assemble, and it can be fixed by inserting it easily. The strongest adsorption force of the track is 5 times the weight of the lamp body. The strong adsorption is not easy to fall, and it is equipped with a safety buckle to ensure the stability of the lamp in the fixed position even if there is a sudden demagnetization situation.

      Smart series is plug-and-bright. It can not only move the light source as you want, but also increase the light source according to the actual needs, and there is no risk of direct contact after power on. It can be called a convenient and safe lamp. Subtracting from design and subtracting from life is nothing more than that.

     Variable modules, more flexible space lighting


The popularity of magnetic track lights is also due to its strong applicability. A magnetic track can support different types of lighting modules, and the application scenarios are more extensive.

     At present, the smart series has four different types of lighting modules: floodlight module, grille template, spotlight module, and chandelier module, which can be freely combined and matched according to needs. This means that whether it is used for accent lighting to highlight architectural elements, overall lighting to provide basic illuminance, or atmosphere lighting to enhance the emotion of the space, it can be satisfied with a set of magnetic track system lamps.

In such a residential space, we can use magnetic track + grid spotlight module. One brighten the headboard of the bed to create a comfortable sleeping environment; one brighten the background wall, diffuse reflection reduces the light difference of the TV and protects eyesight.


     In such a commercial space, we can use magnetic track + track spotlight module + ceiling spotlight module + floodlight module. The spotlight module accurately controls the light, focuses on the product, and avoids the uncomfortable glare caused by the light directly on the customer; The floodlight module complements the lighting brightness of the space, and the two combine with each other to create a unique light and shadow atmosphere.

      Free splicing, custom linear style

The Smart Series can be installed not only on the ceiling but also on the wall. Its beautiful appearance can create a flowing artistic effect and enhance the atmosphere. It is the best choice for designers to outline space lines.

The Smart Series supports three installation methods: embedded, surface-mounted ceiling, and surface-mounted hoisting, which can be selected according to space requirements, or even mixed.

     4 kinds of track specifications (0.5m, 1m, 1.5m, 2m) and 3 kinds of corner accessories (flat angle, inner right angle, outer right angle), the track can be tailored as needed, creating unlimited possibilities for space lines, pursuing simplicity The level changes in the space are delicate, with exquisite content and content.