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Does the laser lantern replace the car LED lights?

Aug 07, 2017

The use of LED lights on the car has obviously become a trend in the automotive market, but recently there is a big news on the car lights, that is, 2018 Audi A8 's debut of the laser headlamps.

Let the laser headlamps this "black technology" back to People's vision, said the return is because the first in the mass production car using laser headlamps is 2017 BMW 7 series. Will lasers replace other light sources and become mainstream headlights? The current mainstream light source types are: Halogen, Xenon, LED, laser, so what are their skills? 

Generally our common household models are halogen headlamps, that is, those two yellowed you always think it is not bright enough headlights. 

To the night always feel their own halogen lamp no other home, no other home photo far, feel the front of the car hanging two lights like ...

But halogen headlamps can be so widely used, naturally has its extraordinary place.

The essence of halogen lamps is the incandescent lamp which is filled with halogen elements. The biggest advantage of halogen headlamps is: simple structure, low cost and strong penetrating power. Of course, compared to xenon headlamps, there are also low luminous energy efficiency, short life, low color temperature shortcomings. 

Xenon headlamps can be used very widely before, can replace the halogen headlamps of course have the ability to do. Xenon lamp is called high Intensity discharge type gas light, using arc discharge to glow. That sounds cool. In fact, with the welding when the dazzling white light is the same principle. Xenon lamp dazzling white light, the eyes of a vast expanse of whiteness! Xenon lamp is strong: High Brightness (is 3 times times the halogen lamp), long life, less power consumption.

However, in the rain and fog, xenon lamp effect far less than halogen lamp, because halogen headlamps penetrate very strong. and xenon headlamps to open the need to wait a moment to achieve maximum brightness. In addition, because the xenon lamp brightness is too high, it is easy to sway to the opposite driver's eye, there is a very big security hidden trouble. (Far-light dogs are mostly xenon lamps)

The LED will have to mention Audi, "lamp factory" but the LED play bad. LED headlamps are commonly known as light-emitting diodes. With low energy consumption (only 5% halogen headlamps), short response time, high brightness, long life (some can reach 100,000 hours, your car has been scrapped lights can also be bright), but once the damage will be the entire lamp group to be replaced. 

Once the Xenon lamp "Rotten Street", LED is now also the standard cars at all levels of car headlights. The most representative of the LED headlights is BMW's "Angel Eye", Audi "Matrix led." With the reduction of manufacturing costs, LED has been rolled out, become the mainstream light source. But history is always spiraling upward, and now the laser headlights are coming!

 The first to carry the laser headlamps to mass production models are 2017 BMW 7 Series, of course, BMW's i8 also equipped with laser headlamps. BMW believes that the future is the era of laser headlamps. How strong is the laser headlight? Compared with LED headlamps, the laser headlamps can illuminate the range of 600 meters ahead, and the LED headlamps can only be irradiated to 300 meters.

 The current mainstream laser headlamps and LED headlamps contrast, the brightness of the laser headlamps in 170 lumens per watt, and the LED 100 lumens per watt, the brightness increased almost 1 time times, and the irradiation distance is the traditional led twice times. Size, laser headlamps only one-fifth of the LED headlamps.

Two Seniors Summary: In the future as long as the designer is willing, the car's headlights can do very little. But two seniors think a beautiful atmosphere of the headlights is the car front face soul. In addition, due to the cost of manufacturing constraints, laser lights like the original LED headlights appear in the beginning of the rapid popularity. will only be carried on some high-end models. A long time in the future will be led a single big!

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