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Domestic and foreign manufacturers another dark war broke out! Will hope pinned to the LED lamp market is wisdom?

Oct 23, 2017

China led industry after years of price war baptism, product profits are diluted, profitability is difficult to ensure that enterprises have adjusted strategy, looking for a new blue sea market. 

With the breakthrough of LED product technology and market demand differentiation, specialization, niche market has become the new blue sea in the era of LED, in which the LED car lighting has become a field of concern. 

Research led Research Institute (GGII) The latest data show that the 2016 China market scale reached 19.4 billion yuan, in the next few years, the industry market will grow rapidly, it is expected to 2020, LED lamp market size will reach 42.5 billion yuan, the annual compound growth rate of 21.65%. 

In fact, for a long time, the global market has been Philips, Osram, Lumileds, Japanese-Asian, sharp and other international giants to firmly control. 

On the one hand, because the car system is more complex than the lighting, car lighting is considered a high threshold difficult to enter the field; On the other hand, because the supply chain of the headlight market is difficult to penetrate and there is a huge risk of being recalled. Therefore, the domestic light industry is more of a layout after the market, the majority of the front-loading market is still in the wait-and-see state. 

With the advent of LED era, China has become the world's largest manufacturer of LED production, which to domestic led development car lighting provides a unique advantage. 

Domestic LED enterprises also seize the opportunity to layout. According to observation, whether it is the chip field, or packaging and module areas, or lighting field, there are domestic led manufacturers to join. Therefore, the 2017 domestic and foreign LED lights enterprise layout of the summary. 

Dong Electric layout Graphite LED lamp 

Dong October 16 afternoon on the interactive platform, said the company's graphene LED lights will be used for new energy passenger cars and cars, improve the mileage, reduce the charge time, reduce electricity tariffs. 

At the same time, the lamp integrates many kinds of sensors, control unit, can be connected with the Ming-shuo Intelligent Street Lamp, the realization of accurate navigation, road conditions early warning, can change color temperature and many other functions. 

This May 10, Dong announced that the company, respectively, through increased capital of more than 57 million yuan, 23 million yuan, the total acquisition of the Ming-Shuo technology 51% of the shares, successfully holding this technology as the core of the graphite heat of the high-power LED lighting equipment and lighting integrated solutions provider. 

Dong said, "After the completion of the acquisition of Ming-tech technology, we will timing the release of graphene LED lights, and gradually the graphene LED lights, graphene lithium-ion batteries, such as the application of graphene products and the application of batteries in the RLCP superconducting refrigeration technology to introduce new energy vehicles, Complete these products and technologies and the company's new energy automotive industry integration and docking, to achieve industry synergy. ” 

230 million yuan to buy the 56% equity 

September 26, Manulife-Chi Hui (300219) issued a notice that the company intends to self-financing 219.632 million yuan to acquire Zebo partnership to hold a 56% stake in the Yi-good headlights, after the completion of the transaction, the company holds a good car 56% equity.

 The Hong Wise Hui said this investment is in order to better play the company in the LED industry chain advantage, accelerate the realization of the company in the passenger car LED lighting in the field of the layout, and actively and effectively into the domestic passenger car LED lighting supply market, can further enhance the overall competitiveness of the company to achieve sustainable and healthy development. 

Rui Feng Photoelectric increase subsidiary company layout Car LED 

August 11, 2017, Rui Feng photoelectric announcement said, based on the company's future development strategy, as well as the car LED lighting market prospects, in order to effectively promote the company in the automotive LED lighting industry chain layout, the company intends to self-financing capital contribution of 100 million yuan to the Centrino car industry Jiangsu Co., Ltd. to increase capital, The replenishment will hold a 16.66% per cent stake in the Centrino car industry. The company intends to increase capital of the Centrino car industry 100 million yuan of self-financing will mainly use Yu Xun chi car business expansion, replenish liquidity and other uses of the company. 

The same year on June 26, the night of the Rui Feng photoelectric announcement, the company intends to control subsidiaries Changzhou Li Rui Photoelectric Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Li Rui Photoelectric") increased the capital of 20.49 million yuan, after the increase in the company's photoelectric registration of 30 million yuan, Rui-feng photoelectric accounted for 70%. 

Rui Feng Photoelectric said, based on the automobile industry and automotive LED analysis of the future, combined with the company's own technical advantages and market accumulation in the industry, the company wants to increase the investment in the automotive electronics market, to achieve the extension of LED-related industries, the company intends to Leary photoelectric increase of 20.49 million yuan for the Automotive LED module research and manufacture, Accelerate the overall layout of the company in the field of LED applications. 

The United States to work together to cooperate with the car headlight event 

On the afternoon of July 15, it is advisable to hold a strategic cooperation signing ceremony at the Aatif Shenzhen Exhibition Forum to announce cooperation between the two sides. will be published in the world's first led car dedicated light source--XD14, this car lighting tailored for the light source, will be in the lighting performance greatly improved. As a core component, XD14 will become a new high match for the light source components of the future LED lamp products. 

At the same time, it is also appropriate to issue domestic new products-flying Eagle YF1, it is understood that XD14 will be used for the first time to new products. This means that the Eagle YF1 will carry a pair of super "eyes", in the light brightness of the LED lamp to take a huge step; on the other hand, the Eagle YF1 using the fourth generation of new flexible heat dissipation patented technology, in product performance to achieve disruptive revolution! 

Marilyn's car lighting new plant put into operation 

June 20, the world's top 500 enterprises Murray Group's automotive lighting system in Changchun, the new plant in the open area of production, estimated annual output value of more than 2 billion yuan. Changchun Murray Lee Automobile lighting system New factory is its 9th factory established in China, the total investment of 1 billion yuan, the main production of the world's most advanced LED car lamp products. This project will be FAW Volkswagen, brilliance BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo and other car depot supporting, up to the postpartum can achieve the annual output value of more than 2 billion yuan. 

Marilyn China Co., Ltd. Chairman and President Dubber: Changchun is close to the customer and has a good industrial base of the city, so we chose to settle in Changchun. The capacity we planned at the start was 1 million headlights and 500,000 taillights. ” 

Snow Wright invests nearly 40 million assault lights and education 

In June 2017, the company issued two foreign investment announcements, the further layout of lights and education, involving the total amount of nearly 40 million yuan. According to the June 19 evening notice, from the Snow Wright and Shenzhen before the Sea Daewoo Capital Management Co., Ltd. jointly launched the Daewoo Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Fund Partnership (Limited Partnership) recently with Zhejiang Garley (Lishui) industrial Co., Ltd. signed the "Share subscription contract." 

Garley shares were established in 2006, the scope of business including lights, auto parts, motorcycle parts (excluding engine), and automotive motorcycle parts mold processing, manufacturing and sales. 

Hella opens new plant in China and plans to put into production in October 

April 20, 2017 Shanghai Auto Show, automotive lighting and electronic products field experts Hella, with BAIC Group subsidiary of Beijing Haina Chuan Auto Parts Co., Ltd., joint venture company set up a new factory in Tianjin Wuqing, to further expand production capacity. The new plant is scheduled to start production in October 2017. The joint venture mainly serves the customers of Baic, including Beijing Benz, Beijing Automobile and other Chinese automakers. 

At the initial stage, the new plant covers an area of about 12,000 square meters and produces 1.2 million headlights annually, providing about 250 jobs. In the medium term, the modular design of the factory can enlarge the production space three times times, for the production of various lighting products. 

In addition to the production of the Chinese market, Hella-Haina lamp Co., Ltd. has a development team of more than 150 engineers, in the headlights, taillights, small lights and interior lighting and other fields to develop and launch a unique lighting products. 

Build a new factory, sign up and cooperate. LONGDA Electronic Layout Automotive Application Market 

In April 2017, the company announced an investment agreement with the Chuzhou government of Anhui Province, which will carry out led investment projects in the "Chu Modern industrial Park" of Chuzhou, Anhui, and expects to recruit about 3000 employees in the next 2019. 

Dr. Su Sheng, chairman of Longda Electronics, said Su Chu Modern industrial park is the third stronghold of the investment in China after the Suzhou Industrial Park and Xiamen Torch Hi-Tech Industrial zone, besides the large lighting and backlight market, we will focus on the new applications of LED vehicle lighting, UV and IR. 

March 30 ~ 31st Ale Shanghai International Auto Lamps Exhibition, Longda Electronics released a new dual-lens LED car headlights module, through the self-developed optical lens design, its maximum light intensity of up to 70000CD, is designed for the automotive and locomotive headlights design optical module. 

In the 2017 AAITF Shenzhen Autumn exhibition, in the next 10 months, LONGDA Electronics will provide not less than 2KK core series products to the electronics of Zheng O, and the electronic signature of the strategic cooperation Agreement with E-O electronics; Whether in luminous efficiency (LM), unit area luminous Brightness (lm/area), heat-resistant performance above the market products, the future will be given priority to the electronic use of Australia. 

Billion light into the adb matrix-type intelligent head lamp 

With the Mercedes-Benz parent Daimler Group since 2017, the introduction of the ADB matrix intelligent Head lamp, for the automotive electronics industry to promote a new wave of application trends. Taiwan led packaging manufacturers billion light in Miaoli gongs factory and obtain certification, April 2017 first published its new adb matrix intelligent head lamp module. 

The head lamp module is made up of 24 LEDs, and now has a specific partner, and is expected to bring revenue contribution in the ~2019 year of 2018. 

Three photoelectric and Chery Automobile Joint Venture establishment subsidiary 

Wuhu Arriguang Electricity by three photoelectric and Chery automobile joint venture was established in June 2010, the main business is divided into automotive lamps and led packaging, application of the two major plates. Prior to the planned capacity of 2016 to achieve an annual output of 1 million cars full car lamps and 200KK full color LED packaging products production capacity. 

Wuhu Enrico Photoelectric is a three-phase photoelectric development of automotive lighting business strategic focus Point, a project investment of 200 million yuan close to completion. Enrico in the automotive vehicle lighting and full color LED packaging products on the production strength, making it a professional domestic automotive lighting manufacturers. Moreover, Enrico has a lamp and light source has more than 10 years experience in the design and manufacturing team, with the need to meet the needs of the lamp market differentiation, to achieve CCC, ECE, SAE and other standards of strength. 

Osram Starter Smartrix Lighting Module 

In order to meet the automotive industry's demand for compact smart headlights, osram innovation and development of the use of silicon lenses Smartrix lighting module, replacing the past by various matrix lighting system widely used standard plastic lenses, so as to achieve the ultimate compact and compact car lighting system, to promote the technology to a higher level. 

"By using new materials in the lens system, we have successfully developed a more compact and durable Smartrix module that allows our users to design headlights more freely," said Hans-joachim Schwabe, chief executive of Ouslant Lighting. ” 

Toyota synthetic development of new LEDs car headlamp 

It is reported that the famous auto parts manufacturer Toyota Synthesis Co., Ltd. (Toyoda Gosei) recently announced that it has developed the first led car headlamp. According to the internal test, the LEDs achieves the so-called world-class brightness with low energy consumption. 

Toyota synthesis says the use of this LEDs headlamp helps reduce the energy consumption of electric cars, fuel-cell vehicles and other next-generation vehicles, and is expected to be widely used as an environmentally friendly product in the future.