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Edison light Bulb with the American industrial wind Popular, behind a new LED market

Jan 10, 2018

The filament LED lamp has the very similar appearance with the 1878 Thomas Edison patented white weave lamp, the omni-angle luminous, the high color rendering, the high light effect is its characteristic.

By the LED chip rearranged in the bulb inside the long plate, with the gold wire connection chip to achieve conductive, the surface of the yellow fluorescent powder, can meet the first generation of LED bulbs can not meet people's desire for warm natural light.

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Driving the filament LED lamp growth is a fashion, which may be more than "energy-saving" and other selling points can help the lighting enterprises to promote LED products.

"The real problem with LED lighting is that the bulbs have a long lifespan, so they don't have a stable cycle to make money in the market," he said. "The industry may find a way to get people to spend more money on lighting," says Tom Rowlands-rees, a Bloomberg New Energy finance analyst. But not because they need lighting, but because it's cool to change the light bulb. ”

"One tricky problem with LEDs in the past is that you have to popularize its technical selling points to consumers and retailers." We cannot assume that they can see what it is by glancing at it. "said Matt Sommers, consumer innovation manager at GE Lighting.

However, the filament LED technology was first introduced in 2008 by the Japanese Ushio company did not receive a lot of attention. But with its own design improvements, as well as the first generation of LED lights into Low-cost competition, Philips, General Electric, osram and other lighting manufacturers also began to follow up.


Because of the "aesthetic", so the filament LED lights immediately more than a lot of profit space. In the Chinese market, the 3W specifications of LED filament lamp price of about 28-30 yuan, than the 3W of ordinary LED light bulb price is much higher.

Filament LED bulbs have a large demand mainly from Europe and America. According to China's customs data, the first half of 2017 China's manufacturers LED filament lamp exports amounted to 15.73 million, an increase of 353%, of which the American nostalgia made it the largest import country, accounting for more than 1/3. "We are about 80% of the order from Europe, LED filament lamp is a kind of aristocratic products, this product in Europe and the United States and Japan market recognition is much higher than the domestic market." Wang Peng, deputy general manager of the Bo-shi photoelectric, said in an interview with China LED Network.

Data predicts that the value of global markets will reach $20 billion trillion in 2020. April 2017, China's largest led packaging and led application supplier Mulinsen announced the investment of 1.287 billion yuan in East China plant, which is an annual output of about 229 million light bulbs of the filament lamp production base.

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Filament LED also has its limitations, such as the process is difficult, poor heat dissipation, not yet standardized, and so on, and filament lamp market in the larger, but also means that the small manufacturers have out of danger. Philips launched 2017 in the first half of the variety and other dead LED new products are below the market average price, one of the 6W prices of 6.1 U.S. dollars; Osram a new listing of the same size bulb price also at 6.57 U.S. dollars.

Patents have now become a competitive focus of the market. The latest, is from 2006 onwards in Europe and the United States, China and other land patents of the Crystal Yuan photoelectric in last October sued the U.S. Luxrite brand infringement of 8 patents.

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