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Experts put forward 20 suggestions for building lighting design

Jul 26, 2017

Lighting design is an important part of architecture and decoration design and an important means to add "light" to the building. Lighting design of the important task is based on the visual needs of consumers, with the help of light and shadow of the ingenious transfer, decoration and beautification of buildings, for people to create a beautiful, comfortable visual environment. The following are 20 recommendations for expert lighting design:

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1. In building lighting, artificial lighting and daylight have equal importance.

2. Daylight can be supplemented by artificial illumination. Artificial lighting can not only supplement the shortage of daylight, but also create an atmosphere that is completely different from daylight effects.

3. According to the lighting quality requirements reasonable selection of light source. Incandescent and halogen-tungsten lamps are used for high demand for luminance, color, quality and dimming performance, and compact fluorescent lamps and high intensity discharge light sources are used to emphasize energy saving and reduce maintenance.

4. Electronic transformers and electronic careful are used to improve the life of the light source and reduce energy consumption.

5. Each lighting project should have a certain maintenance plan, such as regular replacement, elimination or cleaning of the lighting.

6. The function of the lighting is equivalent to the doors and windows, which is a part of architecture, not a decoration of interior design.

7. The important factor to judge the quality of the illuminator is its functionality and its ability to achieve a large visual comfort and a combination of its good lighting efficiency.

8. As a detail in the building structure, lighting should be chosen with great care.

9. In the layout of the lighting, should be considered functional and architectural design requirements.

10 Daylighting and lighting design are part of the architectural conception.

11 When designing lighting conditions in a working environment, emphasis should be given to good visual comfort.

12 The ambient brightness feeling can be achieved by the façade illumination or indirect illumination of the ceiling.

13 Focus lighting can cause people to be interested in a certain point, and help people to observe the environment in a space.

14 In order to reduce energy consumption, the work area should be combined with natural lighting and artificial illumination.

15 According to different working environment to choose a corresponding lighting level, in ensuring the quality of lighting, but also consider energy-saving effect.

16 In order to create different atmosphere and * good lighting effect, lighting design should consider the use of lighting control system.

17 Even in the interior lighting design, should also take into account the night outside the lighting effect.

18 The design structure of a building can be better reflected by excellent lighting design.

19 Lighting and lighting effect is not only an important part of architectural design, but also can be the image of the company's enterprises to shape the means.

20.the most important thing: safe lamps

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