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Five common led lamp introduction

Jan 19, 2017

Because of its environmentally-friendly, energy-saving led lamps and so on, in today's life, very much. Our most common led energy-saving lamps are lamps, road lamps, solar lights, Garden lights, underground light and wall lights, and so on.

Here are several common led energy-saving lamps and their relevant characteristics, as follows:

① Street lighting and road lighting is mainly used for traffic lights at night, is the most common type of LED lamps.

II solar sunlight into energy, battery storage, LED lamp as light source and charging during the day at night, is also very environmentally friendly.

③ Wall washer light like water-washed walls, is mainly used for architectural lighting purposes, and outlines the contours of the large building.

Black-garden lamp light or shade most of the installation, most installed in the Chamber, lamp and lamp on the floor; special applies to parks, Street Gardens, hotels and industrial and mining enterprises, school yards and other places.

⑤ buried to lamp lamp body for pressure adze or stainless steel, material, rugged, anti-seepage, thermal performance excellent; surface cover for 304# fine cast stainless steel material, anti-corrosion, anti-aging; silicone sealed circle, waterproof performance excellent, resistance high temperature, anti-aging; high strength tempered glass, through photometric strong, light radiation width, bearing capacity strong, all substantial screws are with stainless steel, protection grade up IP67, can matching plastic pre buried pieces, convenient installation and the maintenance. Underground lamp in the shape of rounded, widely used in shopping malls, car parks, green belts and parks travel underground light, travel sites, residential areas, urban sculpture, walking the streets, building steps and other places, mostly buried in the ground, used to make decorative use or direct lighting, also used to wash walls, or as trees.