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Football can also be lighting

May 27, 2017

For children living in poor countries, many places have not even power, the need to use candles to light at night, it can be said that the conditions are very difficult. And for them, not only learning conditions, life and entertainment conditions are very poor, like playing football such an entertainment movement, for them it is fantasy. Recently, a charity in order to solve this dilemma, all raised a multi-functional football, can actually be used as a lamp, creative full.

lighting .jpg

It looks like it is ordinary football

This creative football looks and ordinary football is similar, and not much difference. And inside the football is a cave, the internal energy conversion device, you can let the kinetic energy when the football into electricity, and stored in the battery inside the battery.

lamps   .jpg

USB interface with dust plug, considerate


In the use of time, the LED lights installed on the interface can be used on football, does not affect everyone to play. LED lights brightness of 6W, equivalent to nearly 40W incandescent brightness. This brightness is sufficient to meet the lighting needs of the room. At present, this new football LED lights have been raised, the money raised will be used to produce products, and to the poor areas of the children donated free of charge.

Designers said that only need to play for half an hour, you can maintain more than 3 hours of LED lights. And if the kick time is longer, the maximum can be about 72 hours of continuous lighting.

lamps .jpg

Lit after the effect

led lights jpg.jpg

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