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Functions of street lamps

May 10, 2019

Street lamp, refers to the lamp that provides the lighting function for the road, generally refers to the lamp within the range of road lighting in traffic lighting.Street lamps are widely used in all kinds of places that need lighting.

The use of fire is an important milestone in the progress of human civilization.The bonfire lit by the ancient people is the earliest lamp.

It is composed of lamps and lanterns, wire, light source, lamp pole, lamp arm, flange, foundation embedded parts. 

A brief history of

The jam-packed crowds along the huangpu river were there to catch a glimpse.Later, the street lights in the Shanghai concession were changed to gas lamps.Transplanted from London, it is several times brighter than a kerosene lamp and looks like the "sun" at night to a nocturnal pedestrian.It wasn't until 1879 that China's first electric light finally came on at Shanghai's shiliupu dock, outfitted with a 10-horsepower internal-combustion engine equivalent to the power of a walking tractor.

In the early days of road lights, knife switches were installed on every pole, and workers were still required to turn them on and off every day.Three years later, several streetlights were switched to a single switch, a form of street lighting that was used in cities across the country until the 1950s.

Britain: humans are experimenting with artificial lighting on city streets since the early 15th century.In 1417, in order to brighten the dark winter nights of London, the mayor of London, Henry barton, issued an order to hang lights outside.Later, his initiative was supported by the French.In the early 16th century, lighting was required outside the street-facing Windows of residential buildings in Paris.At Louis, the streets of Paris were full of lamps.In 1667, Louis xiv, known as the "king of the sun", also issued a law on urban road lighting.According to legend, it was because of this decree that Louis xiv's reign was called the "bright age" in French history.

                LED  Sensor Street Light



1. According to the street lamp height: high pole lamp, middle pole lamp, street lamp, courtyard lamp, lawn lamp and ground lamp;

2. According to the lamp post material: hot-dip galvanized iron street lamp, hot-dip galvanized steel street lamp and stainless steel street lamp;

3, according to the street light source: sodium lamp, LED street light, energy saving street light, the new soming xenon street light.

4. According to the modeling: Chinese lamp, antique lamp, landscape lamp, single-arm street lamp and double-arm street lamp.

5. Power supply: street lamps, solar street lamps and wind-solar complementary street lamps

Street lamps involve lighting technology and are suitable for street lamps.The purpose is to design a long life, low power consumption, high power factor, low current harmonic content of efficient electronic energy saving street lamp.The high-efficiency electronic energy-saving street lamp includes the high-voltage discharge branch R1 and C1 of the power grid connected sequentially, rectifier bridge d1-d4, power factor correction branch C2, D5 and D6, high-intermediate frequency burr filter branch L1 and L3, high-frequency oscillation circuit bg1-bg2, starting branch L2, C7 and lamp T;Save 80% more electricity than previous street lamps;Harmonic content THD < 25%, prolonging lamp life up to 3-4 times.

Fold the classification

Street lamps are usually classified according to the shape of the light they emit.The international commission on lighting (CIE) recommends three methods: projection, extension and control.

(1) the projection.The light that expresses lamps and lanterns gives out along the road longitudinal diffuse degree, cent is short, medium, long 3 kinds.

(2) extension.The ray that expresses lamps and lanterns to send is in road transverse diffuse degree, cent is narrow, general, wide 3 kinds.

(3) control.Indicates the degree of control glare of lamps and lanterns, divided into limited, medium and strict.

The installation way of street lamp has type of bracket type, tall carry type, straight rod type, catenary type and absorb wall type to wait for a few kinds.

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