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Heat does not decrease, 2017 domestic and foreign micro led memorabilia

Jan 04, 2018

Heat does not decrease, 2017 domestic and foreign micro led memorabilia 

As a new technology, Micro led heat has never been reduced, throughout the 2017 years. The development of the Times, technology in progress, coupled with the existing industry technology development market has been relatively saturated, new technology areas of natural capture of human attention. In the past two years, many enterprises have been added to the layout, began to develop micro LED technology or seek ways to micro led transition. On the one hand, the emergence of Micro led to AR/VR and other technical fields to bring new possibilities, on the other hand, the enterprise in the Micro led on the results also for many later provided a new direction. 

Many practices have proved that micro led has great potential for development, and its market has unlimited business opportunities. As a result, the wind of this new technology will continue to sweep the world in the coming years. And this year domestic and foreign manufacturers for the layout of micro led to do what, to the future layout of the industry will have what impact? To this end, online June on the 2017 related events do a simple collation, readers. 

Hon Hai bid for the Elux company, seize the micro led patent pool 

2017 Hong Hai External Bulletin, in order to layout a new Era display technology Micro LED, the company through the subsidiary Cybernet Investment of about 10 million U.S. dollars to obtain elux part of the shares. After the investment, Cybernet is expected to hold 45.45%, group creation will hold 13.64%, Rong Chuang will hold 9.09%, then pan-Hon Hai Group will become Elux largest shareholder. 

According to Ledinside access to Elux's patent layout found that Elux's patent in addition to the changes in the huge amount of transfer technology, there are Micro LED display of the light management system, repair micro-led display system and methods, Micro The system and method of the LED display printing light modification structure and the display method made of the surface Mount Micro led element. 

Three Ann Photoelectric has been quietly layout micro LED 

Three in 2017 on the interactive platform to respond to investor questions, said Micro LED is the future of the focus of the development direction of three, the company began a year or two ago in research and development. 

Vuereal developed 6000 PPI micro-led display, 2018 mass production 

According to foreign media PRNewswire reported, Canadian Enterprise Vuereal developed a 4K miniature LED display, pixel density up to 6000 PPI, set the highest PPI record of the launch monitor. 

Vuereal plans to complete the validation and evaluation in 2017 and to provide samples to interested clients by October 2017, and plans to start production in 2018 to meet the needs of niche customers and to empower display manufacturers with their technology. 

Optimistic about the potential of micro-led, accumulate the development of super small spacing LED display technology with Taiwan Institute 

2017 accumulated technology release announcement, the company board of Directors has been resolution and the consortium of Taiwan Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) to develop micro LED display module. The company hopes that through this cooperation, will help accumulate accelerated micro-led display driver IC development time, accelerate the future to assist customers to import micro-led in the Ultra small Pitch screen application. 

Taiwan PCB Factory xinxing has been put into micro led related advanced process development 

It is understood that Xinxing has been involved in advanced process research and development, the fastest 2018 years of small production, the goal of 2019 a large number of production-related PCB. 

Xinxing internal set, the development of new product technology including research and development micro LED high-order PCB process technology, is expected to enter the production time in 2019, and the annual report has also been revealed that 2019 will have four advanced process technology such as micro-line glass substrate manufacturing process, such as production targets. 

Korea KIMM Research and Development micro LED manufacturing technology, significantly reduce processing costs 

July 24, 2017, according to foreign media Businesskorea reported that South Korea's future Ministry of Creative Science, South Korea's Institute of Mechanical Materials (KIMM) announced that the Institute in the world's first "reel transfer process (roll transmits process)" research and Development Micro LED panel manufacturing technology. 

The Institute's team of Nano-applied mechanics developed a "Micro LED panel" production technology using the reel transfer process, with a three times-fold increase in luminous efficiency and a 50% reduction in power consumption. Using this research results, the micro LED display is expected to be manufactured, 10,000 times faster than the traditional LED display. 

Apple another related to the micro led patent exposure, the use of intelligent painting element control technology 

According to foreign media in July 2017, an apple-related micro led patent floated on the stage, using the wisdom of the control technology (Smart-pixel Controller), the future can be used in computers, mobile phones and even digital TV. The report pointed out that the Apple Micro led using the wisdom of the control technology, to control the drive display screen LED paint element. 

Oxford Instrument and Taiwan Institute of Industry and Research Institute of Cooperation, to work together to develop micro LED 

The British Oxford Instrument (Oxford Limited) announced in August 2017 that it will expand its research and development base in Taiwan, China, and rely on the Institute's Research and Development energies accumulated over the years in the field of semiconductors, and strengthen its innovative technical cooperation relationship. Future cooperation between the two areas will be expanded to: MEMS, micro-led, Silicon Photonics and other semiconductor optoelectronic components development and equipment technology. 

Google injected Swedish micro led manufacturer Glo 

In 2017, according to Swedish media Rapidus, Google injected the equivalent of SEK 120 million to the Glo, a core Nano technology company from Longde University in Sweden. 

Glo has developed a way to make nanotubes LEDs by controlling growth on silicon substrates. From the past to the lighting industry, Glo has invested all of its resources in the display of mobile phones, tablet computers and VR (virtual reality) glasses. Glo is working with existing display and electronics manufacturers, and according to the latest annual report, the first commercial display using Glo technology will be launched in the second half of 2018. 

Neptunium Micro LED sample, expected 2018 products 

September 2017, the neptunium technology of Crystal Power investment has been formally exhibited for use in transparent display, watch/wearable device screen, movie screen, super high resolution screen, game device and other micro led related samples, and the industry is eagerly concerned. It is expected that the fastest possible opportunity for trial production at the end of 2017, the fastest in 2018 to see the advent of Goods, 2019 to 2020 market size may be further expanded. 

Chuan Samsung will be a stake in Neptunium, cooperative research and Development micro LED, good near? 

Micro led bright Prospects, Samsung to Taiwan to find allies, the transfer of $4.5 billion (NT) stake in the neptunium of the case is close. 

Neptunium Chairman Li Yunli stressed that Micro led the chance of success more and more high, because neptunium create can provide MICRO LED technology development Integration Program, many international manufacturers hope that by means of shares or strategic alliances, and neptunium to create cooperation. Estimated 2018 years, the market will be able to see Neptunium partner products. 

Veeco and Allos reach cooperation, assist micro LED production 

Veeco Company announced November 1, 2017 and Allos Semiconductors (Allos) reached a strategic initiative to demonstrate the 200mm silicon nitride wafer with blue/green light micro-led production. Veeco and Allos have cooperated to transfer their proprietary epitaxial technology to the propel single crystal circle MOCVD system to achieve production micro-led on existing silicon production lines. 

Itri to establish a micro LED trial line 

It is reported that the Taiwan Industrial Research Institute and a large amount of micro-assembly industry to promote the Alliance (CIMS) held in November 3, 2017 "micro led International forum, said, although the huge transfer, repair costs is still a key, but the Institute of Electronics and Taiwan Optoelectronics team is still developing a Micro LED trial line, In the 3rd quarter of next year, products will be handed over to VR manufacturers in Taiwan. In micro LED manufacturing, the institute is expected to pull the top. 

Neptunium, accumulation and ITRI jointly developed micro LED panel, the first half of 2018 to push the relevant samples 

According to industry sources, the Taiwan Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) under the Electronics and Optoelectronics Systems Study Laboratory (EOSRL) is working with Playnitride, LED driver IC design company macroblock and PCB manufacturers Unimicron Marvell cooperates to develop ultra small spacing micro LED panel. 

According to Macroblock sources, in the first half of 2018 will be introduced by the small space panels composed of large indoor commercial display wall samples, the second half of the trial production began. The Mcroblock is responsible for developing the drive for the micro LED display Ic,playnitride is responsible for developing micro LED wafers without sapphire substrates, while EOSRL is responsible for developing a large number of micro LED Chip transferred to the PCB developed by Unimicron related technology. 

Samsung to display 150-inch micro LED TV next year at CES 

Apple Inc. (AAPL) is actively micro LED screen, and has been working with TSMC to solve the bottleneck problem, and Samsung Electronics (Samsung Electronics) is not behind the people, Outgoing plans to publish a micro LED TV on the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January in the Ming (2018) year. According to ZDNet South Korea November 24 reported that Samsung's micro LED TV, the screen will reach 150 inches, will be officially listed later in 2018, aimed at the home theater market. 

Light Huihong Relocation finished at the end, has been put into micro led development 

Taiwan led Lei Crystal Factory light Huihong technology at present new plant equipment machine has been stationed, is expected to relocate the work will be completed at the end of the year, the new capacity will be opened next. At the same time, in response to industrial trends, the company also put Micro led and Mini led and other new generation technology research and development. In accordance with customer needs, can also provide CSP chip-level packaging products. 

Layout micro LED technology, trillion far ahead of the supply of 6-inch polishing pieces 

In the next generation led layout, the Micro Sapphire Base plate Factory has been able to supply the 6-inch polishing film required by the LED. At present, the trillion far shipped products, patterned sapphire about 70%-80% of the level, the main ship is still 4-inch PSS, but continue to promote 6-inch product development, the best product structure, but also because of the ability to have 6-inch polishing film, is catering to the market's optimistic next generation micro LED business opportunities 


Micro led high, but due to the huge transfer of technical problems, talk about mass production is too early. To this end, there are many manufacturers, including Crystal Power, Longda, friends and group creators have started to training mini LED, as the Micro led Sentinel station, these companies are expected to launch the relevant products next year. Therefore, there is a mini led as a transition, I believe that the micro led really become a commercialized product will be a great help.