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High Power LED Packaging Technology and Development Trend(I)

May 20, 2017

The main purpose of LED packaging is to achieve LED chip and external circuit of electrical interconnection and mechanical contact to protect the LED from mechanical, thermal, moisture and other external shocks, to achieve optical requirements, improve the efficiency of light to meet the chip cooling requirements, improve its Use performance and reliability.

LED packaging design mainly involves optical, thermal, electrical and mechanical (structure) and so on, these factors are independent of each other, but also affect each other, which is the purpose of LED packaging, heat is the key, electrical and mechanical means, and the performance is specific reflect.

The current high efficiency, high power is one of the main development direction of LED, countries and research institutions are committed to high-performance LED chip research: surface coarsening, inverted pyramid structure, transparent substrate technology, optimize the electrode geometry, distribution Bragg reflection Layer, laser substrate peeling technology, microstructure and photonic crystal technology.

High-power LED package due to the complexity of the structure and process, and directly affect the use of LED performance and life, has been a hot research in recent years, especially lighting-class high-power LED thermal package is hotspots in hot spots, many universities, research And the company also on the LED packaging technology has been studied and achieved results: a large area chip flip - chip structure and eutectic welding technology. Film technology, metal substrate and ceramic substrate technology, conformalcoating technology, photorefractive extraction technology (SPE), UV resistance and solar radiation and anti-moisture packaging resin research, optical optimization design.

With the rapid improvement in the performance of high-power LED chips, power LED packaging technology continues to improve to adapt to the development of the situation: from the beginning of the lead frame package to multi-chip array assembly, and then to today's 3D array package, its input Power continues to increase, while the package heat resistance significantly reduced. In order to promote the development of LED in the field of general lighting, LED packaging to further improve the thermal management will be one of the key, and other chip design and manufacturing process and organic integration is also very conducive to the product cost-effective upgrade; with surface mount technology SMT) in the industrial large-scale application, the use of transparent packaging materials and power MOSFET packaging platform will be the development of LED packaging in one direction, functional integration (such as drive circuit) will further promote the development of LED packaging technology. Applications in other disciplines may also be found in the future of LED lighting source package to find the stage, such as the emerging fluid self-assembly (FluidicSelf-Assembly, FSA) technology.




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