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High Power LED Packaging Technology and Development Trend(II)

May 20, 2017

In order to further improve the luminous flux of a single component and reduce the cost of packaging, in recent years, multi-chip packaging technology has been greatly developed. The semiconductor packaging process in the SiP / CoB (SysteminPackaging / ChiponBoard, system package / on-chip) technology applied to the LED chip package, that is directly packaged in the LED chip on the thermal board, high-power LED devices can be stable and reliable The work, but also to do simple and compact package structure. How to keep the LED for a long time sustained and reliable work is the current high-power LED device package and system packaging key technology.

With the increasingly mature chip technology; a single LED chip input power can be further increased to 3W, 5W or even higher, the chip itself to withstand the current density and heat flux increased dramatically, so to prevent the accumulation of LED heat is becoming more and more important. If the heat can not effectively dissipate these heat, the resulting thermal effect will seriously affect the reliability and life of the entire LED light-emitting devices; if multiple high-power LED chips are arranged in a dense arrangement of white light, the heat dissipation problem is more Serious, how to improve the packaging cooling capacity is the stage lighting level high-power LED letter to be resolved one of the key technologies.

In the packaging process LED chip, gold, packaging resin, lens, and chip heat sink and other aspects of the heat problem must be very good attention. The breakthrough point is the structure of the chip substrate, materials, and external integrated cooling module technology. The design and preparation of low-interface thermal resistance, high thermal performance and low mechanical stress packaging structure for the future of high-power LED package cooling performance improvement and development of a very real



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