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How much fire is plant lighting?

May 17, 2017

In the recent research results of researchers at the Gao'an Research Institute of Peking University, it is pointed out that this is the first to show that LED lighting has a wide range of applications in this area, including, for example, plant tissue culture, leafy vegetable production, greenhouse filling, plant , Nursery plants, medicinal plant cultivation, edible fungus factory, algae culture, plant protection, space fruit and vegetable, flower cultivation, killing mosquitoes and so on.

It is reported that the cultivation of plant seedlings, plant tissue culture seedlings production, edible fungus production, livestock and poultry breeding industry is expected to become a pilot area, with LED light source to replace the traditional light source. Plant plants and greenhouse light is the fastest growing semiconductor lighting field, high technical content, equipment, intelligent and systematic, is the focus of the development of agricultural semiconductor lighting industry.

The products, such as fruits and vegetables, flowers and herbs, which are planted by LED plant lighting technology, can greatly meet the needs of the military border posts, cold areas, lack of water and electricity resources, home office gardening, marine space personnel, special patients and other areas or groups.

In addition, the field of LED plant lighting for a wide range of applications, such as the market has been developed and produced in the LED plant growth lamps, plant growth boxes, residential LED plant growth lamp, killing mosquito lights and so on. Among them, LED plant growth lamp common shape bulb, light bar, panel lights, light belt, downlight, light gate and so on.

According to statistics, the current China engaged in LED plant lighting business more than 150, mainly in the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta region. Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences predicts that, including LED plant lighting, including agricultural semiconductor lighting market prospects will be very broad, according to China's existing agricultural industry scale estimates, the next 5 years, agricultural LED lighting and control equipment demand To reach billions of dollars, 10 years will reach billions of scale, the annual growth rate of 20% to 50%, the total size of agricultural semiconductor lighting industry can reach hundreds of billions of dollars.

News that although China in the LED plant lighting technology started late, and the light biology and LED light source device and lighting intelligent control system industry still has many obstacles, need further study. However, LED light source in the plant in the promotion and application will be presented throughout the year. To this end, the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences speculated that the next 10-20 years, China will become the world's agricultural semiconductor lighting technology and equipment industry and its application of power and power.

As the LED can emit plant physiological radiation in the range of 300 ~ 800nm narrow spectrum monochromatic light, light quality, light source spectrum can be combined modulation, light environment intelligent controllable, LED light source with environmental protection, energy saving, small size, cold light source, Low voltage, direct current and other advantages, it has been a good reputation, the industry has been hailed as the ideal source of facilities for agriculture.

LED plant lighting is the category of agricultural semiconductor lighting, that is, the use of semiconductor light source and its intelligent control equipment, in accordance with the requirements of plant growth requirements of light and production objectives, the use of artificial light to create suitable light environment or make up for the lack of natural light, Of the growth, in order to achieve "high quality, high yield, stable production, universities, ecological, safe" production objectives of an agricultural engineering measures.

LED plant lighting is LED in the field of agricultural innovation applications, according to reports, the current state of "plant growth with LED lighting terms and definitions" is in full swing in the preparation.

In view of the LED plant lighting in the future prospects of development, everything has been described as practical and beautiful, that is, under such a huge temptation, more and more enterprises to enter the LED plant lighting industry. To this end, researchers at the Gao'an Research Institute of Peking University summarized the six basic points of entry into the industry, and introduced in detail the effects of light quality on plant photosynthesis and light formation in plant lighting for the reference.



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