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How to buy LED lamps

May 05, 2017

LED lighting as energy-saving environmental protection products, has been more and more consumers to accept, but most consumers do not understand the LED, but also do not understand the complex technical terms, then consumers how to buy LED lighting products The

First of all we have to know the core value of LED lighting is what? Do you have any of these needs? LED lighting the main advantage is power, long life, rich color, fashion.

First, the cost. From the cost point of view, the price of LED lamps is about 3-10 times the traditional lamps ranging, if the daily electricity time in 6 hours or more, with LED lamps is cost-effective, is expected to save about 1 year time to buy Light of the money; if one day with 2-3 hours, that electricity is not much the province.

Second, the value. Of course, a lifetime is not all the activities only for the money, the pursuit of fashion, accept new things is also a way of life!

Third, the quality. In determining to buy LED lamps, you have to look at what kind of quality LED lamps. At present, the state has not yet introduced LED lighting quality standards, so the quality of the LED products on the market is uneven, some very cheap miscellaneous cards use the chip quality is poor, that is 1W, the actual only 0.5W-0.7W, and manufacturers to The brightness to do high, it will increase the drive power output current, this will lead to serious light failure. Should choose some products with independent brands.

Fourth, after-sales service. Before the purchase of the best agents to understand the LED manufacturers on the product warranty period is how long, some poor products only one year, that with the traditional energy-saving lamp life is almost, the price is also expensive, it is not worth it. Led lights as a new type of lighting products, for many people, or completely strange. Therefore, we buy LED lamps, we should pay attention to shop around. Led lights are mostly more consistent style, so the parity at the same time, you can understand why the business there is a big difference between the situation. At the same time, also need to negotiate a good product and after-sales warranty to ensure that their rights and interests.

Fifth, the other is the choice of product features, such as LED ceiling (also known as LED spotlights) and LED Geshan lights are concentrated products, mainly used to highlight the local lighting, according to the requirements of light can be customized 5 degrees , 15 degrees, 30 degrees, 60 degrees and other different angles of the lens; LED downlight is a flood light source of the product, mainly to lighting as the main function; LED light belt is mainly auxiliary light effect, relatively ordinary T5 lamp, his Advantages in addition to power can also be used in the arc of the place, such as the ceiling.

Specific to the product, how to buy LED lighting products, you can see from the following three aspects:

Led lights mainly composed of three parts, aluminum shell, drive and lamp beads. So, in the process of purchasing LED lighting how to proceed from these aspects to identify, and thus buy the best cost-effective products?

1, look at the aluminum case of LED lamps. Whenever the lighting products, will be used in the process of generating heat problems. Especially for the led lights, the lighting in the lighting process, the heat generated amazing. If the heat can not be derived in a timely manner, will seriously affect the luminous efficiency and life of led lamps. And as the main part of the cooling part, then naturally bear the responsibility of the heat. So, what kind of shell is good heat it? First, the purity of aluminum is required. For the car aluminum parts, 6063 of the aviation aluminum is the most choice, not only the appearance of fine, cooling capacity is strong. However, for larger lamps, die-cast aluminum is the best choice. Since it is die casting, it must be composed of aluminum alloy, this way, the composition of aluminum is more worthy of attention. For the normal proportion of the alloy, the heat is no problem, but some businesses in order to reduce the cost of aluminum in the alloy to add a lot of messy impurities, resulting in poor aluminum heat dissipation. In the purchase, should observe the appearance of the shell, smooth and smooth can be preferred. Also observe whether the heat sink has a corresponding thickness and surface area, because the heat is mainly scattered from the heat sink, so the heat sink is very important. Some people are obsessed with the shell the more heat the better, this is not necessarily.

2, see the LED lights drive. Driven as a power device led lamp, naturally important. Related to the issue of led driver, you can consult the details of the drive on the various parameters, such as the output voltage and current, power factor, operating temperature and so on. 1W led lamp beads operating voltage of about 3.2V, the working current is about 320MM. If the current is too large, it is easy to make lamp beads decline, shorten life. If the drive power factor is too low, such as 0.6 power factor, 10W lamp, it is necessary to consume 16W of power, so wasted. At the same time the power factor is too low, naturally lead to drive itself to increase heat, and electronic components are most afraid of being heated, and increased heat means that the electronic components of their own temperature, prone to quality problems. In the purchase at the same time, but also to understand the business repair rate, after all, the current led lamp damage, mainly to drive the main. Through these, you can choose to a better driver.

3, see the LED lamp beads. Lamp beads as the core components of the led lights, is the most important At present led a large number of brand chips, mainly to domestic and imported to different. But whether it is domestic or imported, double gold line lamp bead structure is the most basic, you can ensure the life of the lamp beads. When buying led lights, you should consult the business unit light beads unit luminous flux, color temperature, chip size and power size, to determine whether the product meets their needs. Lamp light failure and life, but also need to consult the business to the problem, to determine the price of the lamp beads.



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