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How to increase the reliability of LED lighting system(I)

May 25, 2017

In order to create both energy-saving and efficient intelligent lighting system, the use of MCU and dimmable optical drive for environmental sensing, high-performance dimming LED lighting system is now popular design trends; In addition, optical and thermal simulation Is to ensure that the reliability and safety of LED products indispensable development link.

Circuit design and system simulation is the realization of light-emitting diode (LED) intelligent lighting system of the two major success or failure, which in the circuit design if the micro-controller (MCU), not only all-weather monitoring LED devices and real-time abnormal situation, But also for lighting equipment group control to adjust the energy, so that the lighting system more intelligent; and to enhance the stability of LED light source, the dimmable drive into the circuit design, you can solve the problem of light flashing, and enhance energy Use efficiency.

On the other hand, it is important to verify the feasibility of the product through optical and thermal simulation. This will not only ensure product safety, but also accelerate the development of the product during the simulation process and enhance the market competitiveness The

To achieve intelligent lighting system MCU role eat heavy

With the use of LED increasingly popular, more and more applications, of which intelligent lighting system business opportunities by the industry expectations. To create LED intelligent lighting system, import MCU can achieve automatic brightness adjustment, color automatic transformation, environmental sensing, and group system control and other functions, rich LED lighting applications, and improve energy efficiency.

Infineon senior application engineer Zhu Dosen said, MCU can make LED lighting intelligent lighting system, and fully improve the efficiency of energy use and rich LED multi-application.

LED lighting in the past lack of control and change, even if the LED has been more durable than traditional halogen lamps, incandescent, but for a long time under the use of LED light output will still be affected by aging and temperature and recession, resulting in easy lighting fixtures Damage, so that the reliability of a substantial reduction, and can not dim the defects caused by inefficient use of energy, the combination of the above factors to shorten the life of LED, while the application, but also because the light can not change is more tedious.

Zhu Desen further pointed out that in order to achieve dimming control, color conversion and efficient use of energy and other targets, LED lamps into the MCU can make indoor lighting, outdoor lighting, decorative lighting, and emergency lighting have more application changes, such as control LED lights In the day, the brightness is adjusted for each of the different periods to conserve energy, or through the digital addressable lighting interface (DALI) in the MCU for remote group control, and whether the LED device is still operating at any time to facilitate the notification of the project Personnel quick maintenance, these new applications are so that LED lights are no longer just open and closed only, but also have a more flexible use.

It is understood that Infineon to seize the LED intelligent lighting market, were introduced XC835 and XC836 two MCU, the two MCU in addition to the number of feet and size, the biggest difference is that XC836 support DALI, for LED lighting do Intelligent system of remote control, and XC835 is not supported. In addition, both can support touch control, and both have high heat resistance (150 ) and high reliability and other characteristics. At present, the series MCU is mainly used in entertainment decorative lighting market in the common T4, T8 and other small and medium-sized fluorescent tube and bulb.

For the entertainment-type decorative lighting market, because the entertainment performance content is colorful, not only pay attention to intelligent automatic dimming, LED lighting fixtures life, luminous efficiency and lighting stability is also quite demanding, so the optical drive to solve the above Problem, began to be designed in the lighting system.

LED lighting efficiency adjustable adjustable optical drive

(TI) has released two highly integrated phase adjustable optical exchange for the realization of high-performance dimming and to solve the flicker problem, Texas Instruments (TI) recently released two highly integrated phase adjustable optical exchange of the exchange of light to meet the requirements of energy-saving, DC (AC-DC) LED lighting driver, can fully meet the modified bulb (Retrofit Bulb), LED ballast (Ballast), Downlight (Downlight) and Spotlight (Spot Light) lighting needs.

Texas Instruments Asia Analog products market development power applications products senior application engineer Xiao Yizhou said, built-in dimmable power supply driver IC LED will soon replace the traditional light bulbs can be adjustable.

Although the traditional light bulb can be dimmed, but more power and short life, leading to dimming the traditional light bulbs must be regular maintenance. Imported dimmable power supply drive integrated circuit (IC) LED lights, not only take into account the traditional light bulbs than 80% battery life, the service life of at least 20,000 hours of the advantages of the characteristics, more dimming, improve energy efficiency, Energy-saving LED lighting to replace the traditional light bulb.

For the energy-saving LED lighting market, Texas Instruments has introduced the TPS92070 / LM3448 dimmable series of programs, the characteristics of its high current accuracy for customers to accurately define the current upper and lower limits, eliminating the constant cost of customers to correct the time, and Because of its high-performance structure, can reduce the support of the driver IC parts, to further reduce the cost of customers.

Xiao Yizhou further pointed out that the current Texas Instruments a series of adjustable optical drive IC is mainly exported to Japan, Europe and the United States and other places, and countries because of different safety standards, the required driver IC specifications are not the same. For example, TPS92070 because of its structural design for the isolation, high security, can meet the requirements of the US regulatory requirements; Japan's main shipments are isolated design LM3448, and whether the isolation design, the overall cost of LED lamps about For 2%, all depends on customer needs.

Xiao Yi said that in the relevant energy-saving regulations, the current Japan, Europe and the United States have developed a large number of countries have introduced a dimming drive IC LED lamps, and the development of the country such as China, because there is no relevant regulatory requirements, The use of the lower cost of non-dimming function LED lamps.

As for the Taiwan side, although there is no relevant regulatory requirements, but there are lighting manufacturers to import dimming driver IC, the application of the market is still mostly entertainment-based lighting market, the general indoor lighting, outdoor lighting and emergency lighting are not universal, The future if the energy-saving regulations have further development, I believe that energy-efficient LED lighting will be more prevalent.

In addition to the advantages and disadvantages of the dimmer architecture options (Table 1), in order to accelerate the time-to-market and reduce the overall development costs of LED products in the product before the official mold production, the use of optical simulation and cooling simulation to verify product feasibility, Has become an important weapon for the industry to win the enemy.


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