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How to increase the reliability of LED lighting system(II)

May 25, 2017

Accelerated LED development with write-off optical / thermal simulation is essential

Green and general manager of science and technology, said Zhuang Shiren, through optical and thermal simulation, LED products as soon as possible to market, and to ensure quality and reliability.

As the LED product design to go through many tests to verify that if not done optical simulation and thermal simulation, will lead to product quality after the emergence of quality defects. To solve this problem, the use of special simulation software with three-dimensional (3D) model for accurate simulation and verification of LED, LED lighting has become an indispensable part of the future to ensure that the quality of LED products and reliability.

Zhuang Shiren further pointed out that the simulation of optical and thermal, the biggest purpose in addition to speed up the time to market, but also to avoid the wrong simulation results, and derived from the repeated production of a large number of model machine caused by the cost burden. And the simulation process and performance will affect the product in the shortest possible time to be confirmed by the feasibility, thus affecting the time to market, therefore, the efficient product optical simulation and cooling simulation plays a decisive role.

The correct optical simulation process should first establish the 3D model, and then establish a light source, followed by the establishment of an observation surface, and then through such as Trace Pro, Light Tool and other major simulation software analysis, if encountered more complex optical structure, Need to use such as ZEMAX, Code V and other auxiliary software to observe the results, if the test results are feasible, then the output; if the test results can not be optimized, then return to the previous process, recalibration and simulation analysis.

Once the results of the optical simulation are optimized, the thermal simulation can begin. Zhuang Shiren stressed that the cooling simulation can reduce unnecessary waste when proofing, and through the analysis of the software data and the actual temperature measurement error within 5 , so that R & D personnel can master the parameters of the product. After the above steps, the product reliability can be ensured.

For efficient optical simulation and cooling simulation, in addition to a very familiar with the simulation software, the R & D staff must have a wealth of experience in order to quickly check out which part of the error. However, not every manufacturer can find excellent simulation verification talent, and therefore, some LED manufacturers in order to copy shortcuts, provincial personnel and time costs, direct copy of the international manufacturers appearance design, ignoring the importance of optical and thermal simulation, Until the mass production, only to find a far cry from the quality of the manufacturers, leading to damage to goodwill.


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