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Intelligent street lamp

May 29, 2019

Intelligent street lamps, also known as intelligent street lamps, or smart street lamps and smart lighting, use the Internet of things and cloud computing technology to comprehensively upgrade the urban public lighting management system, so as to realize centralized control, information operation and maintenance of street lamps and intelligent lighting.

Concept and current situation

At present, guangzhou institute of software application technology of Chinese academy of sciences (" guangzhou software institute "for short) is in the international leading level in this field, with a large number of implementation cases in China.The traditional road has many disadvantages, such as serious energy waste, single management means, low level of information technology, the lack of fault active alarm mechanism, fault lamp location is difficult to find.In recent years, many cities in China have begun to adopt intelligent street lamp technology to transform traditional street lamps.Only 2012 of the implementation plan of promoting the use of LED lighting products in guangdong province are put forward: guangdong province road, public places, government agencies, state-owned enterprises and institutions such as finance or state-owned capital investment of the construction of the lighting engineering and nansha, before the sea and hengqin new planning and construction of the new requirements are using LED lighting products, according to the plan, the pearl river delta region should strive to be the end of 2013, north region by the end of 2014, popular LED public lighting, drive the whole society popularization LED lighting, to achieve the province lighting energy saving more than 50% compared with the same diameter.Smart street lighting has a lot going for it.

Product function introduction


Public management platform based on 3G and Internet of things technology, combined with LED and other high-tech.The intelligent street lamp (also known as smart lighting) of the software application technology research institute of the Chinese academy of sciences in guangzhou is mainly composed of node controller, centralized controller, video vehicle detector and cloud control center.Product functions:

Centralized single light control

Through all kinds of terminal equipment, the street lamp loop or single lamp can be controlled in real time on the system operation interface, and the timing task can be performed according to the bright strategy.

Remote control: it can turn on and off lights and adjust lights of any street lamp, one road or any custom group;

Visual control: provide the specific longitude and latitude coordinate information of each light, allow the operation of each light on the map, can complete the off, on lights, dimming lights function, each single light fault alarm information can be dynamically displayed on the map, provide more than two mainstream map support;

Mobile terminal monitoring and management: users can manage the lamps and lanterns through the operation of mobile terminals such as mobile phone and pad, with functions such as fault warning and positioning, real-time query of lamp parameters, etc., so as to achieve mobile office and mobile management.

Timing task

Can issue timing task, timing control turn on and off lights, time division dimming, etc.

Intelligent dimmer

Can automatically detect whether there is a car after the road section, according to the situation automatically adjust the brightness of street lighting, can be to the number of car statistics, energy saving rate statistics, in order to achieve the energy saving effect.

Take the initiative to report to the police

In case of street lamp failure, the lighting equipment fault system will be automatically reported to the service system immediately, and the service system will be alerted by SMS and email according to the type of alarm information.

Equipment information maintenance

Manage the information of central controller, node controller and other devices, including input, modification, deletion, query and other functions.

Query statistics

Realize the query and statistical analysis of all kinds of data in the intelligent lighting system, including the following functions:

Node historical data query: real-time query street lamp switch status, brightness, current, voltage, active power, lamp life detection data;

Light-on rate query: real-time query of light-on rate information of any road section, dimming group and dimming group;

Electricity meter data statistics: users can know the electricity situation and power of street lamps without visiting the site, including real-time power consumption data query and historical power consumption data query;

Statistics of energy saving rate: the statistical information of energy saving rate of all concentrators under a certain configuration can be inquired to facilitate the inquiry of energy saving situation and provide data support for the energy saving plan;

Statistics of incoming vehicle data: it can query the incoming vehicle statistics of the vehicle detector in any period of time, including traffic flow information and control strategy execution times information.

System management

Record system operation log, incoming vehicle log and manage personal information:

Personal information: manage the basic information of users, including adding, modifying and changing user passwords;

Log information: real-time query the work log and system log of various operations carried out by users in the platform;

Incoming vehicle log: view the incoming vehicle detection operation log information, including the user's operation information of video equipment, road section, etc.

System parameter management

Various parameter Settings and management involved in each module of the system:

System parameter configuration: interval control policy execution and rollback time can be set;

Configuration of energy saving rate parameters: formulate lighting strategies for each area, conduct dynamic and intelligent management of road lighting according to preset control strategies, and control street lamps (accurate to single lamp) to realize diversified road lighting scenes in different situations.

                       LED  Sensor Street Light2


High efficiency and energy saving

The intelligent lighting of ordinary street lamps can greatly reduce the power consumption and effectively improve the energy saving rate.Take the renovation project of yihui road in nansha of guangzhou, the research institute of software application technology of the Chinese academy of sciences as an example. There are 18 lamps in total. Intelligent street lamps have been modified on the basis of LED lights, and the vehicle detection mode and time control mode have been added to control the lighting equipment.The final test result of one year shows that the energy saving rate is as high as 78.73%, and the annual cost saving is up to 6044.4 yuan, which is equivalent to 9.93 tons of standard coal and 24.75 tons of carbon dioxide emission reduction.

Intelligent management

The intelligent street lamp has comprehensive and optimized intelligent control functions, providing more efficient management and maintenance means for street lamp managers.

Stable and reliable

The communication mechanism, software and hardware platform of the intelligent street lamp of the institute of software application technology of the Chinese academy of sciences in guangzhou adopt the advanced and mature technologies at home and abroad, with unique embedded system design and high system reliability.The stability and reliability of products are mainly reflected in the following four aspects:

Power carrier communication technology is adopted, which is cheaper and more secure than ZigBee and other wireless communication methods.

The core firmware of the centralized controller adopts double backup, and the equipment firmware fault can be repaired by itself.

The central controller has the function of network clock automatic calibration, which can not depend on the server running accurately all year round.

Software platform based on cloud computing infrastructure has the advantages of high reliability and load balancing.

Flexible folding configuration

Intelligent street lamp provides a variety of different configurations of the product line for users to choose, software platform and hardware platform can be customized according to the actual needs of users.