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Interior lighting principles

Jun 03, 2017

The cultural level of each family, hobbies, occupation, social objects, the economic strength of the different, so their bedroom decoration and lighting options also because of the actual situation.

Different styles have different styles. But the purpose of the decoration is basically the same, that is economical and practical, nice, easy to operate, safe and reliable, for this reason, in the choice of lighting and the implementation of lighting, the need to deal with the following aspects of the relationship.


1, the relationship between general lighting and local lighting. People are accustomed to a room with a general lighting with the "main lights", mostly with chandeliers or ceiling lamps installed in the center of the room. In addition, according to the need to set the wall lamp, table lamp, floor lamp as a "auxiliary light" for local lighting or auxiliary lighting. The so-called "main lights" and "auxiliary lights" is relatively speaking, under certain conditions, the function will be replaced. For example, the room layer is less than 2.5M, the area is not large, it is not appropriate to set the lights, in particular, should not set up a large chandelier, with a beautiful or two beautiful wall lamp can play the role of general lighting and decoration. Learning at night, work together with the lamp, lamp cover with translucent plastic, the upper diffuse light can meet the needs of lighting.


2, to determine the principle of cloth style. People because of the level of culture, hobbies and age, occupation of different, to determine the style when the cloth is also different. So set the lighting from the actual start, and according to personal hobbies, in order to obtain lighting specific style and effect.


Different job cloth requirements: people engaged in mental work, generally love quiet, like reading books, design drawings, research information, etc., they need to set a variety of lighting, lamp easy to work, floor lamp help reading, bedside lights used to read newspapers information.


Different age levels of cloth light requirements: due to age differences, they also have different standards for lighting requirements:


Elderly - the elderly living habits simple, love quiet, the color of the lamps used, modeling, to set off the elegant and elegant style of the elderly. The main lamp can be used to combine the palace lamp chandelier or ceiling lamp. To facilitate the elderly from the night, can be set in the bed a low light long light.


Middle-aged - middle-aged family is the leading, but also the cause of the pillars, ornaments modeling, color and strive to simple and neat. Cloth light to reflect the personality, but also to reflect the main style, such as the use of swing arm lamp or floor lamp, to facilitate learning work.


Young people - young people to highlight the lighting, new, extraordinary and special. The main body should highlight the personality, modeling creative, colorful. Wall lamp in the shape of the requirements of love as the theme, the light requirements to warm, romantic (especially girls)





In the living area of the family, the living room is the daily activities of the place, but also the reception room. So to remove the basic lighting, the need to set up local lighting, such as table lamps, wall lamps, lights, etc., in addition to people's various activities of lighting, but also with its unique lighting enrich the indoor art atmosphere. Generally speaking, more than 12m-2 living room should have a basic lighting and 2-3 local lighting.


Desktop, the face of the illumination should not be less than 150lx. The lighting of the living room is light and the semi-direct lighting is ideal, and its average illumination should reach about 100lx. Reading and writing with the lamp power can be knot, the illumination should reach 200lx.


For watching TV, the whole room will be darker, but it will not be closed, otherwise the eyes are easy to fatigue. So the TV background brightness should reach 30lx, the surrounding environment should reach 3lx.


Bedroom basic requirements


The bedroom is rest and sleep in the room, requiring a better privacy. So the requirements of light fit, there should be no strong light stimulation to make people more likely to enter the sleep state, from the surface as soon as possible to eliminate fatigue. The average illuminance of the bedroom should not exceed 50lx, the lighting form should be indirect or semi-indirect. Basic lighting should be placed in the middle of the ceiling, the bed can be placed wall lamp or lamp, the lamp power can be 25-40W. Table lamps should be placed in the bedside table, the bedside two sides of the knife can also be installed. Dressing on both sides of the mirror can be installed small fluorescent tube or incandescent lamp to do small combination wall lamp.


Kitchen lighting

The average illumination of the kitchen lighting should be around 200lx, the kitchen should not only have basic lighting, but also local lighting. Work table, prepare table, scrubber, etc. should wait until the full lighting. The storage cabinet should also be lighting, the door opened the lights on the light, the door also shut down the lights, but also convenient and power. Kitchen lamps should be waterproof, and should be simple shape, easy to clean.




Toilet lighting level without illumination should reach 100lx. If the bathroom room is not, then only set the lamp in the mirror on it; and in the large bathroom should be installed basic lighting, available ceiling or wall lamp.


For the makeup mirror before the lamp has 25W on it. Bathroom water vapor so big lamp waterproof, anti-steam performance to be relatively high. As the bathroom water and more, so the installation of electrical equipment is absolutely safe; people should not be in the bathroom to any electrical switch, so as to avoid danger.




Lighting is the eyes of furniture. In modern home decoration, the role of lamps has not only limited to lighting, more time it played a decorative role. So the choice of lamps will be much more complex, it is not only related to safe and energy-saving, and will involve the material, type, style and many other factors. A good lighting, may become a home decoration of the soul, so that your living room or bedroom look radiant, add a little warm and fun. Therefore, the choice of lighting in the home decoration also becomes very important.




From different angles, lamps can be divided into different types.


For example, from the light up points, can be divided into fluorescent, spotlight, incandescent, energy-saving lamps, neon lights, etc., they are different colors, different brightness, so the use of places are not the same. For example: energy-saving lamps efficient energy-saving, may be more suitable for kitchen and toilet places, incandescent light soft, is more suitable for the bedroom; neon colorful colorful, is used for the need to embellish the atmosphere.


The shape and function of the lamp


From the appearance and function, the lamp can be divided into chandeliers, ceiling lights, hood lights, spotlights, fluorescent lamps and lamps and so on.


Chandeliers generally have a single chandelier and long chandelier two. Single head chandelier is more suitable for kitchen and restaurant, and long chandelier is more suitable for the living room. Chandeliers generally have milky white shades. There are two kinds of lampshade, one is the lamp down, the light can be direct exposure to the room, bright light. The other is the lamp up, the light projected onto the ceiling and then reflected to the room, the light is soft.


There are many styles of chandeliers. Single chandeliers such as milky white ball shade, flower pots shade, elegant and bright, colorful Long chandelier generally for the flower shape, a wide variety of colors. There are more than one layer and more than two layers of two. Style, purchase time not only from the attention to beautiful and elegant, but also from the reality, taking into account the overall style of the room and safe electricity and other factors, careful choice.


Ceiling lights, also known as ceiling lamps, are low-grade lamps, usually directly attached to the ceiling. Used for aisles, corridors, balconies, toilets and other places. Lampshades are generally milky


White glass and PS board two. Shape a variety of rectangular, square, round, spherical, cylindrical, etc., inside the light source with incandescent, energy-saving lamps, lamps, etc., varied, and so forth. Its characteristics are more popular and affordable.


Cover lamp As the name suggests, use the lamp cover to cover the light, and then fixed to a certain area within the projection. Generally used in the ceiling, bedside, cabinets inside. Can be suspended, you can also floor. In the style of the tube, tube, flower pot, concave groove and a variety of under the wall lamp. Use a variety of, you can lighting, you can also create a special effect of light and shadow. Under normal circumstances, the number of watts should not be too large, more convenient to create a soft indoor environment.


Spot a wide range, used for manufacturing effects, embellishment atmosphere. Color is white, beige, light gray, gold, silver, black and other colors; shape long, round, size and size of different sizes. Because the shape of exquisite small, very decorative. So in general, more in a variety of combinations placed in a more decorative place, from the details of the owner reflects the exquisite life and unique taste. In the choice of the appearance of the grade and the resulting light and shadow effects, because it is a typical decorative lighting, the degree of brightness may not be too much to consider.



Fluorescent lamp, also known as fluorescent lamp, uses a very wide range. In the shape also has a column, ring type, U type and so on. Its greatest feature is bright, energy saving, scattering, shadowless, is a typical emphasis on lighting the lighting, decorative effect is poor. So in the purchase should pay more attention to its lighting effects.


Finally introduced the lamp. Table lamps are used for bedside, desk, etc., there are two kinds of general, with the lamp and writing with the lamp, the former decorative strong, the latter is to use. So when you buy the lamp should pay attention to this difference, consider the purpose of their own purchase of the lamp is what, if the emphasis on the decoration of the room, can focus on the process with the lamp, if the emphasis on writing lighting, then write with the lamp to focus on Object.

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