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It is said that this will be the world's largest vertical farm, using a special LED lighting

May 23, 2017

The United States lost at least 1.5 million acres of cultivated land each year due to urbanization. In order to compensate for this loss of land, AeroFarms established an indoor vertical farm and has embarked on a plan to build the 9th base in Newark, New Jersey, just a kilometer from Manhattan in New York. This will be the largest vertical farm in the world, 70,000 square feet of facilities, can produce 2 million pounds of food a year, and compared to the cultivation of crops in ordinary fields will save 95% of the water.

AeroFarms has been using the aeroponic growth system since 2004 to address global food safety and environmental crises. AeroFarms said on the website: "This technology makes the harvest cycle shorter, the results are more predictable, there is no food safety problems, the impact on the environment smaller." This large farm not only can produce millions of pounds of vegetables and Vanilla, and its output is 75% higher than the same area of outdoor farms. AeroFarms uses a crop alternation strategy, which refers to the annual cropping of 22 species of plants.

This advanced agricultural system will not lead to soil erosion, pesticide problems, excessive water use and other issues, but also reduce carbon emissions, and sometimes even completely avoid carbon emissions.

led vegetable light.jpg

LED grow light.jpg

The system uses specialLED lighting and climate control methods to grow a wide variety of vegetables without the need for sunlight and soil. This unique light allows AeroFarms to control the size, shape, texture, color, taste and nutrition of green leafy vegetables. AeroFarms says they use aerosols to spray the roots of plants (including nutrients, water and oxygen). This air culture system is a closed-loop system, saving 95% more water than conventional outdoor plants, saving 40% of the culture solution and eliminating the need for pesticides.


After a year of construction of the facility is nearing completion, the company has opened a portion of the area ready for operation.

plant grownth jpg.jpg

grow light for plant.jpg

The passageway is full of high shelves and must be used for forklift cranes to get the full range of clothing, gloves, white coats, hair nets and disinfectant suits for compulsory use.


"We are building the largest vertical farm in the world, and the demand for safe, reliable and nutritious food has never been so strong, and that is why we are committed to building a global strategy," AeroFarms said.

vegetable growth lightjpg.jpg

Plant scientists monitor more than 30,000 data points per harvest at each facility. This time, the researchers will examine, test and use predictive analysis to improve the system.


"Through remote monitoring and control, we will minimize the typical risks associated with traditional agriculture," explains AeroFarms.


The company has also developed a patented product - a reusable filter media for sowing, germinating, growing and harvesting.

high power growth lamps.jpg

Each cloth medium is made of 24 recycled plastic bottles and can be cleaned and disinfected after each harvest. The system can also serve as a barrier between spray and plants, allowing the company to harvest a clean, dry and easy-to-eat product.


AeroFarms can grow more than 250 species of green leafy plants, their shelf life is longer, and from the seed to the packaging process is safe and controllable.

The company's goal is not just to make up for the reduction of arable land in the United States, but to help deal with global food shortages. The World Bank predicts that the population will reach 9 billion by 2050, 50% more food than it is now, and that climate change will reduce crop yields by 25% during this time period, which will cause the world's poorest areas Serious blow.

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