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Japan does not recognize the Chinese market economy, LED companies that are very calm

May 09, 2017

Recently, the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry officially announced: the decision will continue to not recognize China is a "market economy country", Japan will maintain a high tariff on improper dumping "anti-dumping duties" mechanism. In May this year, the European Parliament passed an overwhelming majority of resolutions, refused to agree to China this year, automatic access to "full market economy status" of the motion. Similarly, the United States has repeatedly stated that it will not recognize China's position.

However, according to the original WTO accession agreement, China should join the WTO 15 years later, this year on December 11 this year, automatic access to "full market economy status."

Why does the Europe and the United States refuse to recognize China's full market economy status?

Europe and the United States and Japan so many refused to recognize China's "full market economy status", because when China does not have "full market economy status" when they can easily import products from China for anti-dumping investigations.

For example, if China is recognized as a full market economy status by the United States, when the United States wants to import anti-dumping investigations of color TV from China, it can only investigate the market price of color TV in China. However, only 300 US dollars in color TV in China, while the price in the United States has 350 US dollars. Then the dumping charges are not established, the United States there is no reason to impose high anti-dumping duties. If the United States does not recognize China is a fully market economy countries, they can conduct anti-dumping investigations that the price of the Chinese market has been distorted, the survey results are untrue. This time you can find a "suitable" alternative country, the use of this alternative country color TV market price to compare, such as Singapore as a substitute country, the country's production of color TV costs far higher than China, a color TV market The price is 500 US dollars, which is significantly higher than the price of China's color TV in the United States, so that dumping charges will be established, the United States can be imposed on China's huge anti-dumping duties and punitive tariffs.

According to WTO statistics, from 2000 to 2014 to China as the object of anti-dumping measures to 638, the number of 27% of the world; the EU, for example, the current effective 73 anti-dumping measures, 56 against China.

Japan does not recognize the Chinese market economy, LED companies that are very calm

LED industry is not afraid of anti-dumping?

PV alone in the United States, the European Union and India and other countries and regions of the anti-dumping investigations, which led to China's photovoltaic industry is seriously frustrated, according to customs data, from January to September this year, the total export value of 11.937 billion US dollars LED, LED industry will be Anti-dumping investigation?

"China's LED lighting business anti-dumping now will not appear, the future will not." Ningbo Han Guang Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. General Manager Fei Chen decisively said. He said: "If it is the original energy-saving lamps, or may be subject to anti-dumping investigation, but the LED lights are not the same, and now Europe and the United States are big brands of LED lights are bought from China, and Europe and the United States are no longer producing this Products, so I think the LED lighting industry was not likely to be anti - dumping investigation.

Beware of technical trade measures

Compared with the anti-dumping investigation, LED lighting industry should be more concerned about the technical trade measures, technical trade measures are based on national or regional technical regulations, agreements, standards and certification system (conformity assessment procedures) and other forms, due to a large number of such barriers Of the technical appearance, so often put on a legal coat, as the current international trade in the most subtle, the most difficult to deal with non-tariff barriers, and China's LED lighting business is the most lack of core patented technology.

Take the United States "337 investigation" as an example, since 2008, China's LED business has been unknowingly suffered many times the United States 337 investigation, which makes China's LED export enterprises to eat a lot of suffering, because under the "337" survey The general exclusion order stipulates that if there is a business failure, you can use the general exclusion order to limit all the enterprises in China to export products to the United States, like a large area of weapons of destruction, its harm is not inferior to anti-dumping.

Indeed, regardless of market share or the number of enterprises, China's LED lighting industry now occupies a major position in the world, but in the LED core patent is still in a weak future China's LED lighting industry to grow and develop, inevitably to meet all kinds of All kinds of patent disputes, want to beware of technical barriers to trade, we must find ways to improve the core technology.



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