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Laser instead of LED lighting? From laser projection and laser headlights to see its development.

May 22, 2017

What is laser lighting?

Laser lighting visible light laser lighting, infrared laser lighting. Visible light laser lighting, according to the principle is divided into the following two:

LED linear lamps.jpg

1) blue light to stimulate the phosphor to achieve white light (such as the 2014 BMW models launched a laser car headlamps);

2) red, green and blue laser synthesis of white laser, or true color light (such as Qingdao in the spectrum of laser lights). Infrared laser lighting, and more used in night vision, night camera monitoring lighting.

In June this year, as the benchmark for LED lighting, the winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2014, Nakamura Shuji, attended the China Global Entrepreneurship Fair in 2016. In an interview with the media, his remarks may be China LED companies lit the future. Nakamura repair two bold prediction, the next decade, laser lighting will replace LED lighting.

So what is the current development of laser light source? China's optical network today with everyone from the most concerned about the two applications: laser projection, laser headlights look.

1, laser projection

With the rapid development of the projection industry, the problem of light source has been an indispensable projection of the popular topic, from the consumer's view to the manufacturers of the cost of light, the development of light source is directly related to the current projection technology really forward. Faced with the current divergent views of the market, manufacturers for the choice of light source is still very important, the projection light source of the upgrading is also quietly carried out.

Laser light source projection unit works

The laser light source projection unit has the following advantages compared to other light source projection units:

1. High brightness: laser light source projection unit brightness of 1700ANSI --- 10000ANSI can be customized, far higher than the UHP bulb and LED light source products.

2. luminous efficiency: laser light source luminous efficiency of 12Lm / w, higher than the UHP light source 5Lm / w, and LED light source 3.5Lm / w.

3. Light source life: UHP light source life is still struggling to upgrade (follow up to 20,000 hours), LED light-emitting diode stability has been recognized, life expectancy of about 60000 --- 80000 hours, LASER light source brightness life depends on the phosphor Wheel life, about 40000 ---- 60000 hours, while the laser life of up to 100,000 hours.

4. Maintenance cycle: UHP light source and LASER light source (LPD) are a group of light sources, the attenuation and color coordinates of the changes are dependent on a single part, LASER light because of its long life, maintenance cycle is relatively long. LED light source consists of three different groups of shades, each group has six lights, the degree of attenuation of different color lights can not be consistent, resulting in color drift is too large, after a certain time must be adjusted.

5. Color gamut: laser light source color closest to the international TV standard RC709 high brightness, true color, is currently the field of display the best way to restore a display technology.

6. Energy saving, environmental protection: UHP light source for high pressure mercury lamp, containing highly toxic substances, LED light source and laser light source for the green non-toxic products. Laser light source projection unit power is only 130-160W, much lower than the LED light source 320 --- 450W and UHP light source 200W-320W.

At present, laser products have been widely used in the front projection projector, large theater projection equipment, DLP has become the current mainstream products stitching products. 2016 year, the laser projection products, the domestic market sales will be close to 10 million units. This figure relative to last year, the growth rate of up to 150%.

Education market is the domestic laser display "take the amount of" the largest circle, accounting for more than 55% of the total market. Over the past three years, the laser has shown another "dazzling" market for home use. That is, laser TV. In 2016 Hisense continued to deepen the laser TV product line, has introduced 88 inches, 4K and other new products. Hisense has become the world's home laser display, the product line of the most abundant brands.

However, the laser display and projection of education, home market performance, can not match the "project" market "benefits." Engineering applications are the most profitable layout of projection products, as is the laser age.

2, laser headlights

In the xenon headlamps in the ascendant, LED headlights just popular today, BMW as early as 2014 will be laser headlamps on the i8.

As the famous "light factory", Audi in the CES exhibition in 2014 on the SportquattroLaserlight concept car to show their latest laser headlamps technology. But the final stolen production is indeed BMW, for the Audi this face playing crackling. In fact, BMW has been optimistic about the prospects of laser headlamps, that the LED headlamps will eventually be replaced by laser headlamps.

Laser-specific directional light and very high brightness is unmatched by the rest of the light source, especially the laser beam divergence is very small, almost close to the parallel. In other words, as long as the energy is enough, the distance from the laser headlamps depends on the limits of human vision. In addition, the laser also has most of the advantages of LED, such as rapid response, long life, low energy consumption. Another point, in the current technology under the laser diode unit length can be done 10 microns, this is only one percent of the conventional LED unit.

Last year released the new BMW 7 Series equipped with laser headlamps at the time can be described as blind Fan children brother's eyes. Up to 600 meters of lighting distance, allowing the driver to have sufficient traffic to determine the time, afraid you can not see the road ahead? Of course, out of China's regulatory requirements, the domestic market is equipped with 7 series of laser headlamps intelligent to 475 meters, but also enough. Similarly, the intelligent headlamps with light and lighting area automatically adjust the anti-glare function, you can automatically adjust the light to keep it from the opposite side of the car to ensure that other drivers of the line of sight without interference, thereby enhancing the two-way driving safety The

The next decade, laser lighting will replace LED lighting? We will wait and see.

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