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Layout intelligent manufacturing to meet the price era of photovoltaic

Apr 24, 2018

With the first reduction in the distribution of photovoltaic power projects this year, that is to say, the era of PV parity is coming. How does technology break through the "price era"? After the "parity era", where is the location of PV enterprises? In April 19th, the first meeting of the new energy branch of the China Information Industry Chamber of Commerce in 2018 and the theme "smart manufacturing, entering crystal Sheng" were held in our district, from a large number of enterprises representatives of the upstream and downstream of the photovoltaic industry and the big cafe in the industry to carry out high-end dialogues, share thematic speeches, focus on the development of new energy photovoltaic and intelligent manufacturing. The present situation and the future.

"Intelligent manufacturing is the only way for PV parity to access the Internet." At the meeting that day, intelligent manufacturing became the key word. Many enterprise representatives think that the key to deal with the photovoltaic parity is to reduce the cost, and the most direct way to reduce the cost is to improve the efficiency of photoelectric conversion and production. However, the existing PV production line is not enough to meet the urgent need of improving the quality and efficiency of photovoltaic cells. In this context, it is imperative to start intelligent manufacturing.

As the most upstream equipment manufacturing enterprise of the photovoltaic industry, Zhejiang Jing Sheng Mechanical and electrical Limited by Share Ltd, with technological innovation as the source of continuous development, has taken a step in the intelligent manufacturing. It has successfully developed and sold a variety of photovoltaic smart devices, including monocrystalline silicon production furnace, polysilicon ingot furnace, CFZ special zone silicon monocrystalline furnace and so on. Prepare, and layout of efficient photovoltaic cells and components and other equipment research and development, and strive to build photovoltaic industry chain equipped with the most complete and the most powerful equipment leading enterprises. In the 4 direction of industry, the company is also committed to providing intelligent chemical plant solutions for the photovoltaic industry, the semiconductor industry and the LED industry to meet the customer's production technology demand for "Networked + Intelligent Manufacturing" "machine replacement". It is understood that last year alone, Jing Sheng Electrical and Mechanical Co., Ltd. has obtained the value of 17.71 billion photovoltaic orders, and the customer market has also extended from the domestic to foreign countries.

At the same time, the participants put forward that the reduction of the cost of electricity is the integration of every link in the whole industry chain of the photovoltaic industry, which involves photovoltaic equipment, photovoltaic materials, photovoltaic cells, photovoltaic components and so on. All upstream and downstream enterprises should not only meet the parity times before the eyes, but also have the foreseeable parity. Times.

"It is not done by an enterprise, but by a group of enterprises." Shen Haoping, chairman of Tianjin central semiconductor Limited by Share Ltd, feels very close to many years of cooperation with Jing Sheng Electrical and mechanical company. Last October, the two companies signed a three party strategic cooperation agreement with the Wuxi municipal government on the construction of a large silicon chip production and manufacturing project for integrated circuits, with a total investment of $3 billion. It is understood that after the implementation of the project, it will effectively alleviate the embarrassing situation of semiconductor materials supply, and promote the development of China's information industry including photovoltaic industry.

On the same day, around the price era of photovoltaic power generation, many companies also took out the intelligent sharing of high-efficiency stack components, tracking systems + double sided components and "black technology", such as intelligent transportation and maintenance of electricity, so that the enterprises benefited a lot.

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