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LED blue light on the harm, the European photo as the answer

May 05, 2017

With the gradual elimination of incandescent, people are increasingly concerned about its main alternatives - LED lighting products, security issues. Recently, the European Lighting Association on the safety of LED lighting products to do a brief answer. The

1. Due to the aging of yellow phosphor, LED lighting products throughout the use of the cycle will become dangerous?

European safety standards classify products into dangerous goods. Typical consumer products are in the lowest category of dangerous species. This classification of dangerous goods is not in the process of using the product to change. In addition, although the yellow phosphor is reduced, but most of the blue LED products will not change.

Due to the reduction in the yellow phosphor in the product life cycle, resulting in an unpredictable increase in the amount of blue light emitted by the LED. Photobiological hazards will not be raised to exceed the values determined at the beginning of the product life cycle. 

2. Phosphor aging will lead to LED products to launch more blue light?

 Although the phosphor in the LED will gradually reduce, but the blue will not increase. 

3. Will blue light affect adolescent vision? 

It is undeniable that children's visual health is much more sensitive than adults. However, in the home, schools, shops and other places in the use of lighting products, Blu-ray is far from the extent of harm. All kinds of lighting products are more than the technical requirements of the specification, whether it is LED, fluorescent or halogen.

4. Do you want to guide people to a high degree of attention? 

At the same color temperature, compared to other types of light source products, LED will not produce more blue light. If special people are allergic to blue light (eg, lupus), consult a physician immediately to determine if their physique is sensitive to special light.



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