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Led by outdoor transfer fee is the future trend

Jan 19, 2017

Do you remember 2013 Spring Festival evening of dazzling light? of the spring from the British, to Sun Li of the wind that shakes, digital technology throughout the entire Festival stage, LED as the biggest contributor, still remember the opening of the Olympic Games, long scroll Please? also LED the brilliant ... ... LED display are used more and more on the stage, the stage show's got a good mix of LED display screen is brilliant and beautiful.
More and more wide application range of LED, signs, stages, vehicles, and LED, and placement position, LED out of the bondage of ceiling, wall or desktop. Such as battery-powered diaode LED desk lamp, in drawers, closets and shelving inside. Because of its induction light closed, open the drawer light after 15 seconds, close the drawer goes out after 5 seconds. Meanwhile, avoiding the traditional bulbs and wiring, heating, frequently switch trouble and risks such as shortened life expectancy. These outdoor lighting air has started to go into the Interior, into every household is the future trend