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What's the difference between led crystal plate and led chips?

Jun 03, 2017

I. Introduction

1.led the main raw material for the LED, LED mainly rely on the chip to light. The following are the same as the "

2.led chip is a solid-state LED lighting device, is a P-N knot, it can be directly converted into light. LED heart is an LED lighting chip, one end of the chip attached to a bracket, one end is negative, the other end of the power supply connected to the cathode, so that the entire chip is encapsulated by epoxy resin.



1.la wafer composition: arsenic (AS) aluminum (AL) gallium (Ga) indium (IN) phosphorus (P) nitrogen (N) strontium (Si) several elements of these elements. The following are the same as the "

2.led chip composition: by the gold pad, P pole, N pole, PN junction, back gold layer composition (double pad chip back gold layer) composition.




1) according to the luminous brightness points:

A. General brightness: R H G Y E, etc .; B. High brightness: VG VY SR, etc .; C. High brightness: UG UY UR UYS URF.  D. Visible light (infrared): IR, SIR VIR HIR; E. Infrared receiver tube T; F. Photoelectric tube: PD

2) By the composition of elements:

A. binary chip (phosphorus gallium): H G, etc .; B. ternary wafer (phosphorus gallium arsenic): SR HR UR; C. quaternary wafer (phosphorus gallium indium) : SRF, HRF, URF, VY, HY, UY, UYS, UE, HE, UG.

2.Led chip

1) According to the use of points: high power led chip, low power led chip two;

2) According to the color points: mainly divided into three kinds: red, green, blue (white raw materials);

3) According to the shape points: generally divided into square films, two discs;

4) According to the size points: low-power chip is generally divided into 8mil, 9mil, 12mil, 14mil and so on.




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