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LED chip flip welding technology

May 19, 2017

   Chip flip technology is currently very popular concept, its advantages I believe we all learned. But now is not popular for the biggest reason there are two points:

  First, how the new technology will take some time to explore the shape, the final decision by the market to his life.

   Second, the flip LED subversion of the traditional LED technology, from the chip until the package, which will require a higher equipment, take the package that can be flip chip front-end equipment costs will certainly increase a lot, which set The threshold, so that some companies simply can not access to this technology.

  Chip flip welding technology is one of the core technologies of APT

   Chip flip-chip technical advantages:

   Compared with the chip, it has better cooling function. At the same time, we have the epitaxial design, chip technology and chip graphics design with flip welding. Chip products with low voltage, high brightness, high reliability, high saturation current density, etc.; coupled with the flip chip can be integrated on the substrate protection circuit, the chip reliability and performance significantly help; In addition, Compared with the vertical structure, the use of flip-chip welding method, easier to achieve ultra-high power chip-level module, a variety of functions integrated chip light source technology, LED chip module yield and performance have a greater advantage.

On the modular concept of LED light source

    What is LED light source modularity? LED light source, thermal components and drive power assembly molding, integrated to complete the "light, electricity, heat" high integration. This makes the product simple and inexpensive, is a trend in the future development of semiconductor lighting. Years ago, ultra-Yi Lighting Division has introduced integrated drive power LED chip. By modularizing the LED light source, it is possible to reduce the intermediate link from the chip to the system. The whole process, called abroad: system package.


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