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LED chip offer pick up? Crystal electricity: just stabilized flat

May 27, 2017

Foreign investment report pointed out that the LED offer has rebounded, with the price stabilized after the operation in the third quarter season to come. It is understood that although the lighting application price performance is stable but there is still the price pressure, showing a short-term stable flat phenomenon but manufacturers believe that if the brand factory again resorted to price war, the follow-up there is still the possibility of falling prices, while other new applications High value, good price.

For foreign investment, Crystal said that the price is not a comprehensive product prices are space, especially in China's wafer plant continues to open new capacity under the circumstances, because China is the world 90% of LED lighting manufacturing, LED lighting chip prices just no longer crash, showing flat down, but as long as the supply is still greater than the demand, the future is still the possibility of falling; crystal to disperse the product layout to adjust the structure to get rid of the pressure on the price of lighting, this season has been effective.

Foreign investment pointed out that the three blue LED chip prices in May began to rise 10%, and Hua Chan chip prices are also close to the rate of nearly 1 percent, with the crystal power to freeze after the production price is indeed good, the factory also synchronized Follow-up to raise prices; chip factory price adjustment will help adjust the profits of lighting, crystal power is currently the proportion of Blu-ray revenue is still up to 60-70%, prices will help to operate positive.

"Since the beginning of May, part of the LED chip prices have risen 10%," the news, according to LEDinside asked Sanan company to get the reply is that they do not have a large price hike. But some of the Chinese chip manufacturers part of the LED chip items have a slight hike, mainly because some of the second-tier packaging manufacturers in order to ensure that the supply, so prefer to use a little higher prices to the market getting goods.

At the same time, LEDinside also confirmed from the relevant person in charge of Hua Can, Hua Chan some varieties of products have price hikes, but also because customers are worried about the tight supply and demand of the market, in order to obtain a more stable supply of chips and take the initiative to raise prices, There is no plan for full price increases.



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