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LED driver chip how to affect the life of LED lights

May 23, 2017

In recent years, led as a new energy-saving light source in the world and China have won a high investment enthusiasm and great concern from the outdoor to the indoor lighting application market penetration, China has also emerged thousands of large and small LED lighting business. So that LED lighting shine the most important reason is that its publicity with energy saving, environmental protection, long life, easy to control, maintenance-free features.

However, it is ironic that we often hear that the LED drive power itself is directly dragged down the life of LED lighting fixtures do not "longevity", greatly increasing the maintenance / use costs; or drive the power efficiency is not high lead to LED lighting Of the energy efficiency ratio is not as high as imagined, or because the output current ripple is not well controlled and affect the light quality, making LED lighting green energy advantage greatly reduced, and even affected the market popularity. Therefore, the LED industry chain of sound and mature, drive power is also an important part of it. According to IMS Research research report, LED driver chip market in 2010 increased by 26% to $ 1 billion.

Analogic Tech's LED driver brings benefits to end users in terms of battery life, security, ease of design, board space and functionality. Their drive products use proprietary Modular BCD process technology to reduce the cost of DRAM production lines in the partner plant and address the price requirements of the consumer market. By combining the multiple voltage levels required by the LED driver and eliminating the need for management overhead, and integrating a horizontal Trench DMOS transistor with a high current trap performance on a single chip, it provides the forefront of integrated circuits for LED driver applications. Trench DMOS transistor breakdown voltage up to 150V, very suitable for controlling a long LED string. Their LED driver series includes AAT2402, AAT2403, AAT2405, AAT1405 / 7/9/51 and AAT2439, etc., which enable hand held and large and medium-sized LED back light applications can have up to 100mA drive capability.

Power Integration (PI) has introduced a full-featured design support software, PI Expert, to help designers develop high-quality power solutions quickly and accurately. In addition, we have introduced a number of reference designs for use in cost-effective LED lighting solutions. Many designs are more efficient than 90% and have a very long service life (up to 50,000 hours).

At present, the cost of LED development is also facing important problems, therefore, to provide high-quality low-cost power supply is necessary. "There are a number of key factors to consider when manufacturing cost-effective products: customer feedback, market and system understanding, efficient design methods, excellent manufacturing, and many other factors," said Roger Smullen, director of strategic marketing at AnalogicTech.

Analogic Tech has a unique ability in all these areas. "For example, the company has provided several generations of solutions to world-class consumer goods suppliers and has heard a variety of feedback to eliminate its" pain points. "Its modular design approach can be achieved in multiple similar integrated circuits The use of tested and silicon-proven "cells": chip design components to reduce costs and provide system designers with a range of solutions, and even their chips are manufactured on refurbished, lower-cost production lines Cost-effective solutions, and Analogic Tech also uses other proprietary processes and methods to reduce costs in a price-sensitive consumer market.

"The first step in designing the most cost-effective LED driver should be to choose the topology that best suits the application." PI uses single-stage integrated PFC and CC circuits to power the LED chips, "said Heather Savage, Senior Marketing Manager at PI. Eliminating the need for one-level switching and large capacity capacitors while integrating the switching MOS FETs, drivers, and control circuitry into a single package to significantly reduce the number of external components and provide more protection (such as over current protection and over temperature protection). This will not only ensure that challenging cost targets are met, but also significantly extend product life. Many of today's solutions use traditional two-stage methods - driving boost LEDs with boosted PFC plus CC buck switching. These designs are satisfactory at 50 ° C ambient temperatures, but they face significant pressure when the temperature inside the fixture rises. Simply to improve the quality of large-capacity electrolytic capacitors (which will increase the cost) and can not effectively solve the problem.



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