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LED filament lamp, difficult and difficult to breakdown(I)

Jun 07, 2017

 LED filament light seems to live at the right time, but in reality the virtual table, the existence of many criticisms, but also let it has not yet ushered in their own "development of the golden period." So, LED filament lamp at this stage of the development of the problems faced by what?

Puzzle 1: Low yield

Relative to the traditional incandescent lamp, LED filament lamp on the package have higher requirements. It is reported that the current LED filament lamp on the filament operating voltage design, filament current design, LED chip area and power, led chip light angle, pin design, glass bubble sealing technology has a very strict requirements, Filament lamp process is very complex, the manufacturer's financial strength, supporting facilities and technology have certain requirements.

In the production process, due to the different process, the requirements of the material is different, coupled with the production, many equipment needs according to the performance characteristics of LED filament lamp transformation, which also let LED filament related materials manufacturers miserable The Bulb material defects on the LED filament lamp in its transport process is easy to break, etc., the process is complex, low yield LED filament lamp can not get manufacturers and consumers praise.

1.The process is difficult, poor heat dissipation, easy to break

Although the past two years LED filament lamp in the domestic market popular concern, but for now, LED filament lamp in the production of the problems still can not be ignored: the process is more difficult, need to integrate several different processes, low yield ; More than 8W LED filament light is prone to heat problems; easy to break, in the production and use of the process easy to damage.

2.Structure, performance, price to be improved

As the LED filament light into the market period is relatively late, the market-related tip bubble and pull the bubble, the bubble are "patch" preconceived, with early entry into the market filament lamp in the structure, performance, the price are From the consumer's expectations far away, making consumers on the LED filament lamp there are some misunderstandings. With the key technology breakthrough, the packaging process is mature, the improvement of bubble technology, LED light lamp light effect, refers to the meaning, life, cost, etc. will be a certain degree of improvement.

At present, LED filament need to improve the place too much, she is like a newborn "premature children" in all aspects are not very mature, high cost, the production process is complex, low production capacity. Therefore, the follow-up should be in the raw materials and LED lamp beads and the manufacturing process to be improved, so that LED filament lamp production capacity has improved, reduce losses, improve shipping efficiency.

3.Power is small, poor heat is blocked

By the impact of the production process, the current LED filament lamp there are many problems, such as high cost and due to defects in the bulb material, in its transport process there is a high rate of damage. In addition, the large wattage LED filament lamp cooling problem has become the LED filament light into the homes of ordinary people obstacles.

Puzzle 2: high prices

According to market research, the current average price of a 3W LED filament lamp in the 28-30 yuan, the price is much higher than the same power LED bulb and other lighting products, is more than the same power LED incandescent high Several times, therefore, many consumers are LED filament prices scare off.

At this stage, LED filament market share of less than 10%. Now the LED filament lamp as a feature of the product to restore the traditional tungsten light light feeling, get a lot of consumer favorite. However, the high cost of LED filament lamp, low luminous efficiency, the scope of application is also the next stage of lighting manufacturers must face and look at the problem.

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